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Why Mobile Texting Services are Rising

Before mobile texting services took over as the most used form of connecting with people, do you know what the very first text message ever sent was? “Merry Christmas.” In December of 1992 an Engineer named Neil Papworth typed it on his computer and sent what would be the first SMS to a cellphone.

Here we are 27 years later where mobile texting services have become prominent in facilitating communication between brands and their customers for a multitude of reasons. Out of the billions of text messages sent each day throughout the United States, “merry Christmas” is amongst the slightest reasons to send a message. Now, there is a plentitude of information that is shared across this multipurpose digital platform.

What was once a form of sending a quick message to your closest friends and family members is now the way we connect with mostly everyone we know, including business around the globe. Messaging is also used on applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram direct messages, just to name a few of the growing list of apps we use each day.

Mobile texting services have advanced beyond sending a simple and quick message. SMS is now one of the most resourceful tools to share information.

At Text My Main Number, we’ve taken strides in building a multifunctional SMS platform that provides mobile texting services that help companies and organizations enhance their communication methods. If there is one thing that research has taught us, it’s that texting is still on the rise and here to stay.

Why Mobile Texting Services Are Rising

What did SMS bring to the table that has kept it rising? We know why mobile texting services work, but the true reason why it has stuck around is what we’re going to get into below. Industry experts feel strongly about the power of SMS for good reason.

Embedded Functionality

One of the downfalls of modern technology is the additional hardware it requires to function properly. However, with SMS you’re using an embedded functionality within cell phones, mobile devices, and PCs. Even with many devices going “smart,” people who still use older devices can send and receive text messages. The best part is that you don’t really need to download anything to use text messaging unless you’re looking to use messaging services provided by app giants like Skype or messaging functions on social media platforms.

SMS for Business Phone Numbers

You can easily enable your business phone number to receive and send text messages using a variety of approaches. Any route you select will give you an edge in your industry. You can create a catchy short code that’s easy to remember. It’s a fast and easy way for your audience to stay in touch with you, especially by using a keyword. If you’re looking to build a community of subscribers, you can ask your existing and potential customers to simply text your business phone number to opt-in to receive and send messages with your business.

Timeless Demand

Not all products or services are multi-generational, but the use of SMS just so happens to be. Not all technologies are easily adaptable to each age range, but texting has become “the norm” for everyone and is still on the rise. Mobile texting services flourished alongside the Millennials and was then adopted by the baby boomer. By the time Gen X and Gen Z came around, flip phones and pay phones were a thing of the past, and texting is all they knew. That means that SMS is probably one of the only methods of communication used by just about anyone, no matter what their age is. SMS is also not constituted by a specific lifestyle or stage in life so when Pew Research demonstrated mobile activity statistics and how it’s been adopted by all generations, it was of no surprise to us. Here’s what the stats show:

  1. People aged 18-24 send and receive approximately 128 text messages a day

  2. People aged 25-34 send and receive approximately 75 text messages a day

  3. People aged 35-44 send and receive approximately 52 text messages a day

  4. People aged 45-54 send and receive approximately 33 text messages a day

  5. People aged 55+ send and receive approximately 16 text messages a day

Impressive Sales Conversion Rates

A team of Psychologists revealed in a study that consumers are spending double the time on their mobile devices as they think they do.

How many times per day do you think people touch their phones? If you had to guess, would you say it’s 10, 20, 50, or event 100 times per day? What if we told you that the average person touches their phone 2,617 a day? Now, of course, that includes scrolling, tapping, and typing but what we want you to focus on is the vast opportunity that exists in terms of interaction.

Not only do mobile texting services assert a 45% response rate (in comparison to emails which have an unimpressive 8%), but text messages are read within a minute and 1/2 of being received.

Talk about a perfect window of opportunity to insert calls-to-action! With the right promotion and a tap, a potential sale easily converts into an actual sale. Now, we’re not taking about a possible 20% of text messages sent by a brand can convert into a sale, we’re talking more than 50% will. A case study conducted by Kiehl’s Skin Care demonstrated that approximately 73% of their customers purchased items directly after every SMS campaign.

Technology Minus the Internet

Text message marketing is the best thing since sliced bread even though it falls into a tech category. It doesn’t require any internet because so long as you have cellphone service, people can receive a text message. That means that you don’t have to solely depend on your message reaching your audience via WiFi. That’s right, you can send it at any time, from anywhere, and you will be able to connect with them with no wires attached

Customers Prefer Mobile Texting Services

As we stated early on in this article, text messaging capabilities started over two decades ago and has continuously expanded it’s userbase (approximately 5 billion and growing). Despite the fact that many people use Whatsapp or social media messengers, text messaging is still in the lead when it comes to SMS. According to a data report from last year, texting is still the most commonly used form of communication. To learn more about Text My Main Number’s mobile texting services, sign up for our free trial. Or if you’re looking to get started as soon as possible, you can simply check our pricing page before you sign up. Have any questions? Just visit our contact page and we’ll be more than happy to answer them!

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