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What Industry Insiders Say About Landline Texting For Business

Technology Continues to Evolve, and So Should Your Communication Tools In an ever-changing world where technology is the driving force of communication, phone calls and emails are quickly taking a back seat. Statistics show that approximately 89% of consumers prefer text messaging over phone calls and emails. Because of that, bigger corporations that solely rely on these outdated methods to reach consumers have experienced a decrease in engagement from their public, and in turn, have lost market share.

The Public Has Spoken and They Want Brands That are Text-Enabled People find comfort in texting because it’s quick, easy, and they can communicate on their own time. The typical customer no longer finds it strange to hear from their favorite brands via SMS text. In fact, as larger businesses adapt to this method of communication, the masses will find it easier to embrace their favorite brands on a more personal level. Plus, it’s not much of a learning curve since people communicate more through SMS text than they do an old-fashioned phone call anyway. No one likes waiting on hold when calling a customer service hotline or going through a dozen links on a website to figure out how to get assistance. That being said, it should not come as a surprise that a whopping 81% of consumers have expressed their frustration with the existing forms of reaching customer service for most brands. So, since texting is the preferred communication channel, it would only make sense that brands came up with a solution to close the gap by offering landline texting for business.

Text My Main Number Resolves the Communication Challenge

  1. Keep your team productive with the easy to use GUI based web solution that empowers you to use progressive text to landline services from anywhere, at any time. It will allow you to manage high-volume viable traffic and assist you in dependably reaching people in a more direct fashion.

  2. Save resources and time with message templates, scheduled texts, automated replies, group messaging, and send and receive picture messages using your landline number.

  3. Communicate with customers from any device.

  4. Organize and sort information with discussion filters, a keyword searching and search function.

  5. Generate intelligent insights with reports and analytics.

  6. Shape customer loyalty and drive retention by opening the gateway of two-way communication in a personalized system. Text My Main Number doesn’t just enable your landline for business texting service. It’s a completely unified communication structure that lets your company quickly and securely connect with customers wherever you are. Although SMS texting is over two decades old, it’s a thriving technology that has been improving with time. Solutions like landline texting for business continues to transform the way businesses communicate and connect with their customers by delivering a more di

    ect form of engagement. There is no doubt that connecting with prospects and customers via text is the future of business communication.

Implementing Landline Texting for Business in 2019

more people own a smartphone then they do a toothbrush and nearly all of those smartphone owners are aggressively using it to text more than they do for phone calls, landline texting for business will play an extremely active role in your overall customer experience in 2019. Not only is texting the most used feature on your consumers’ phones, but it’s still growing in acceptance – with the amount of texts sent still on the rise by 7,700% in the past ten years! Clearly, texting is the worldwide language of communication. In 2019, most businesses will be looking for more cost-effective ways to communicate with their public, and landline texting for business is the most efficient way to reach that goal. This alternative form of communication is the best way to connect with your prospects, and the most likely form of communication for consumers to contact you. Text My Main Number is in no way trying to reinvent the wheel, but with the landline texting service THEY ARE greasing the wheel to help your business succeed. By using landline texting, you’ll have the ability to send and receive SMS and MMS on existing business phone numbers. Additionally, you’ll be able to track user engagement information such as track opened messages, replies and more. Implementing this

ffective communication channel will increase the way you connect with customers, reduce output by employees, and drive more sales faster by boosting response times and enhancing your entire customer experience. Text My Main Number makes it easy for your business to get set up with the texting platform and offers affordable monthly rates for landline texting that allow you to use your existing business phone number to text your prospects and customers.

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