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Use Business Texting Services to Improve Sales Conversions

If starting a conversation has never been your strength, using Business Texting Services may be the key to using the right verbiage to improve your sales conversions. You’d be surprised how meaningful a relationship you can build by sending and receiving text messages with your customers.

Even when it comes to lead retention, business texting services have proven to be the best communication method to engage prospects, schedule consultations, estimate appointments, and getting orders.

Most business owners can probably relate to the fact that traditional sales methods no longer work. People prefer a more customized form of interaction and when pitching a service or product to them, they want to know SPECIFICALLY why it would serve them a purpose.

When you personalize a product or service to tailor to someone’s needs, you increase your chances of sparking their interest, and in turn, of landing a sale.

With business texting services you have the ability to customize messages to intrigue your target audience’s attention in a more direct way than say a print ad or email. The secret to creating a message that will improve sales conversions is to:

  1. Be genuine in your wording

  2. Define the benefit

  3. Humanize your message

  4. Include a call to action

Using Business Texting Services to Nurture Customer Interactions

Like anything else you’re looking to build, nurturing customer relationships also takes work. It no longer works to keep interactions between businesses and customers transactional. It’s too black and white and people want the gray.

People connect to brands via a variety of mediums these days and they end up overwhelmed with the different directions they’re approached in. Whether it be a TV commercial, promotional email, social media ad, or any form of print ad, the push to advertise brands is everywhere. That’s why we say that using business texting services is the way to go because you’re reaching them at the palm of their hands.

In other words, you’re cutting through the noise to get their attention.

Now that you’re at the front of the attention line, how do you ensure that they don’t ignore your text message AND that your message converts into a sale?

Conversation Goals That Ensure Sales Conversions

Not all conversations should be started to encourage a sale. Sometimes initiating regular conversation indirectly converts into a sale, and that’s where the science behind building good customer relations begins. Here are a few reasons to spark a conversation with prospects and customers that can help sales conversions via text messaging.

Engagement – Stay connected with your audience and send them text messages with important company announcements, a birthday wish, a “haven’t heard from you in a while,” and always include a promotional code to entice them to use their discount in store or online.

Retention – Most businesses get a good percentage of their sales from returning customers. Believe it or not, those returning customers sometimes make up over 90% of your sales. Send existing customers exclusive deals via text message to help them feel like they’re VIP to you and offer them an added incentive for referring your business to others as well.

Acquisition – Did you know the average cost of a retail lead is $34?That’s not counting what business owners are spending on publishing ads, but when using business texting services your spend is reduced by an impressive amount. The takeaway? Treat your customers like someone you know and nurture a relationship though personalized messages using business texting services that don’t break the bank. You’ll see that in time, you will convert conversations into sales simply because you got to know your audience better.

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