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Top Text Messages to Send to Help Close Sales Leads

If part of your day-to-day involves closing sales leads, then you know about the prospects who have done their due diligence and know the value in what you’re offering but need a bit of a push to cross over to a sale. Closing warm leads is critical to your success in sales (and career), but knowing how to keep them interested without scaring your leads away can be challenging. So, what’s the best way to keep them engaged?

Text them.

Using the Text My Main Number business texting service will allow you to stay relevant, keep your prospects’ interested, and offer exclusive value that beats your competitors. We’re going to break down various opportunities where you can use a business texting service to send text messages to your warm leads complete with example texts that you should send to close more sales.

The Best Times to Text Warm Leads

The first rule is to take notes throughout your entire conversation with prospects.

You’re going to need those notes to suitably follow up with your warm leads, and fully understand what position they’re in the sales conversion process, and the information you collect will become the perfect tool to reference from later on to share resources that will help direct them to the next phase of your funnel.

Once you have the information, here’s how you’re going to use it.

Solve the problems they mentioned to you.

There’s a great chance that your leads are speaking to you because there’s a problem that exists, and they believe you may be able to help them solve it. You probably can. However, it’s going to take more than a phone call or demo video to do so.

This is your chance to text your prospects articles, informational videos, and other resources that’s going to teach them how to resolve their problem, and how you’re the person who’s going to solve it for them.

It would be even more productive if you send them content that your business created. That would help build trust while fortifying your relationship with them while producing more clout for the brand.

Here are some business texting examples to use with your warm leads:

“Hey Susan, when we spoke you mentioned that you’re trying to develop a marketing strategy using SMS, here is a blog post we wrote that I feel will really help you. The Secret to SMS Marketing through Business Texting

“You mentioned you were looking to increase customer loyalty. This article should help 👍

You want to share content that is effective so you’ll want to send them resources that will directly help your lead solve their problem. You can also share content that is not necessarily related to your brand yet shows you care about their revenue because you want to build a trustworthy relationship. For example:

“Susan, I know you’re super busy trying to work on ways to double sales, so I thought about this blog we posted on ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Landline Texting that can really help you.”

Try to send messages like the example above a day after you first interact with your prospect, a week later, or whenever you feel it best fits your sales cycle. We suggest you try different timelines to learn which time was most effective.

Build a relationship with your prospects.

No one wants to work with strangers, but they do want to work with someone they’ve built a relationship with. If your intent is to convert leads, you should follow them or their business on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Stay up to date with what they’re working on and if you see an opportunity to recognize a recent accomplishment, reach out to them.

You’ll be surprised at how effective a simple “Congratulations!” text is and could be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for. At the very least you’ll stand out more than your competitors.

Here are some examples:

“Hey John, just saw that you were promoted on LinkedIn! Congrats! 🎉”

“Hey Michelle, I saw an article in Forbes that placed your company in the top 10 fastest growing companies. Kudos!”

“Hey there! I see you guys hired a new VP of Operations. Glad to see the team is growing!”

You can also humanize the message by adding a GIF or emoji to your message.

This isn’t an open door for a sales pitch. This is just a great way to maintain and build a relationship.

Follow up with your sales leads.

CRMs are the most commonly used platforms to maintain relationships with prospects and customers. They allow you to set up alerts and when any of the contacts perform an action, it creates a trigger to perform an action on the brand’s website. Some of these actions are an excellent opportunity for you to use your business texting service to send messages like when they:

  1. Click on an ad

  2. View your pricing page

  3. Download a guide or eBook

  4. Join a webinar

  5. View 3 pages of your site in one session

You can program key events in your CRM that your staff can monitor, then send text messages when the right opportunity presents itself. You may want to say something like:

  1. “Hey Sam, thank you for watching our webinar! Let us know if watching the webinar presented any questions. Also here’s a blog that speaks a lot more on the subject.

  2. “Hey Maurice! I see you downloaded the new guide on our site! What did you think? Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help!”

  3. “Hey Blake, we just read your comment on Facebook! It was great to see that you agree with us. I’d love to chat with you and hear more about what you think!”

Text messages like these are great because you’re acknowledging and engaging your warm leads. It’ll show them that you haven’t abandoned them and that you’re just trying to increase value. Plus, it keeps your brand on their minds.

How to start business texting?

Sure, you can send text messages from your cell phone. But the most efficient way is to get started with a business texting service that allows you to send text messages to all of your leads and customers in a professional format. Text My Main Number will do that for you. Want to test how it works? Just sign up for our free trial. We’ll then help guide you on how to create auto responses and templates, how to integrate with your existing platforms, and of course how to send text messages to your leads that will increase sales conversions.

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