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Top Reasons Why Schools Are Using Text Messaging Services

Screen time has become a part of everyone’s daily life. In turn, this has had a major influence in the way we educate our youth. It only made sense for educators and administrative staff to implement a channel that would help streamline the tasks of teachers, parents, and students. That’s where landline text messaging comes into place.

Text My Main Number developed a landline texting platform that allows parents to send and receive messages directly to the school’s main phone number. Even daycares and universities have jumped on board with using this system that keeps all parties up to date with announcements and important notifications.

Sending and receiving a landline message is the quickest and most efficient way to communicate, especially when you need to send an alert or announce unexpected changes like:

  1. Early dismissal due to weather conditions

  2. Emergencies

  3. Attendance

  4. School event cancellations

  5. Request for meeting

  6. Visits to the nurse’s office

  7. PTA meeting details

  8. Information about parent/teacher meetings

  9. Links to forms

  10. Event announcements

  11. And much more!

Text to landline features makes it simple for thousands of parents, especially working parents who may not be able to answer phone calls during the business day. However, with 90% of text messages being read within minutes of being received, the chances of faster communication between educational institutes and parents has increased with the use of text enabled landline phone numbers.

In the remainder of this article we will review some of the more common features of landline texting for grade schools, colleges, and even day cares who have text enabled landline phone numbers to send landline messages via SMS.

How Schools Are Using Text Messaging Services

Cancellation Announcements

Schools can send parents an SMS alert when there has been a class or after school activity cancellation to ensure that everyone is aware of the change and proper transportation can be arranged.

Alerts During an Emergency

During an unexpected emergency, it will only take a few seconds to alert parents and students of any immediate security or safety concern.


To avoid missing important deadlines, school staff can easily learn how to text from landline phone numbers to send messages to students to remind them about due dates for assignments.


Text to landline campaigns aren’t just for businesses, schools have begun to take advantage of the Text My Main Line platform to successfully raise funds for school events.

Report Card Notifications

Now parents can receive a heads up via SMS so they know when they can expect to receive report cards.

Cyberbullying/bullying Hotline

With cyberbullying on the rise, parents appreciate receiving notifications about resources and data about cyberbullying that helps them enforce coping tools.

Assignment Notifications

Teachers are heavily using landline texting to send notifications about assignments which also comes in handy for students who were absent from class. Sending a landline message with a link to handouts and other learning material has also become cost efficient because schools are saving on printing costs.

While these 7 ways school are using text to landline services are the most common uses, there are so many more features to take advantage of. If you feel your day care, grade school, or university can definitely take advantage of using the most common form of communication between parents, students, and their educational institute, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick consultation before you start your free trial with Text My Main Number.

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