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Top Business Texting Marketing Campaign Ideas

Is business texting a resourceful tool for your brand?

Making your SMS marketing simpler should be your goal and as you generate leads and increase revenue for your brand, you will realize that landline texting is the most cost-efficient and productive marketing tool you’ve ever encountered.

There are so many marketing channels that ensure business owners that they will see immediate results. In other words, ROI will be instantly demonstrated. Yet, once they launch their marketing campaigns…not so much.

As you decide which marketing strategies are worth the expense and which ones should be tossed out the window, think about this:

Let’s focus on that last statistic.

If you’re not providing value in your SMS marketing campaigns, your audience will lose interest. So yes, business texting is the best way to communicate with your consumers, but you must create valuable content in order for them to stay interested and opted in.

Business texting has been the most highly used marketing took for many industries like insurance firms, restaurants, service professionals, and medical professionals. That’s just to name a few!

Text My Main Number is one of the top text messaging platforms and knows what works best when launching an SMS marketing campaign that delivers value to the recipient. For those who don’t know what adding value to a text messaging marketing campaign means, we’re going to review some of the best business texting marketing campaign ideas to get you started.

Top Business Texting Marketing Campaign Ideas

We’re going to help your brand meet their marketing goals through business texting. In our experience with various industries, we’ve seen some great results which we will detail below industry by industry.

Business Texting Marketing for Insurance Firms

Many insurance firms depend on leads and referrals to gain new clientele. Up to now, email marketing campaigns have been one of the top ways to reach out to prospects and existing clients.

With the decline of open rates over the years, insurance firms have now turned to landline texting to share content and communicate with their target audience. With SMS messaging they’ve noticed that there is a more personalized connection and recipients are more responsive.

Insurance firms who are looking to increase their revenue are sending text messages with offers such as:

  • “Text ‘Free Quote’ to 800-555-5555 to receive a free quote within 24 hours”

  • “Hi Jennifer, this is Mark at Pathway Insurance, I noticed you are eligible for a discount on your policy. Reply to this text to schedule a phone call with me to review.”

  • “We are offering a 10% discount to all clients who refer our services to their friends and family. The discount will be applicable to both you and your referral.”

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

While social media promo ads, Groupon, and other coupon apps and websites have been a great marketing tool for restaurants, there has been redemption decline over time. People get excited about restaurant offers when it’s shiny and new. That’s why they’ve begun using landline texting for marketing campaigns. Some of the SMS marketing methods include offers like:

  • Creating flyers to place on the tables with a keyword that customers can use to opt-in and receive a discount on their next visit.

  • Send alerts with new menu items and offer a discount when they order that specific item.

  • Send surveys to recent restaurant visitors to see what menu items are a favorite. You can include a promo offer for those who take the time to fill out the survey.

  • Send discount offers for customers who come in on specific days/times (this works best to offer during times where the restaurant is normally slow).

Landline Texting for Service Professionals

Service professionals such as car mechanics, HVAC technicians, handymen, landscaping professionals, etc. are taking advantage of the convenience of using the Text My Main Number’s easy admin panel to create groups and send text messages with specific offers to each group.

The top business texting use for service professionals is sending alerts. Those alerts end up being a great marketing technique because they bring in revenue. People tend to forget when to schedule maintenance and services so you can send alerts that say:

  • “It’s that time of year again! Reply to this text message to schedule your annual maintenance on your HVAC unit.”

  • “We are offering $20 off of mowing services this Wednesday only! Reply with the best time of day to come by this Wednesday and we will reply to confirm the time.”

  • “Your car is due for a tune-up, reply to schedule a convenient time and receive a 10% discount.”

How Medical Professionals are Utilizing Business Texting

Medical professionals also need revenue boosts and sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best outlet for marketing. When using landline texting to reach out to patients, you want to keep your messages personalized and the frequency in which you send them low. No one wants to receive a thousand text messages because it becomes like receiving spam in your email inbox which is the main reason why there has been a decline in open rates for emails.

For medical professionals to boost their revenue, they can send text messages that say:

  • “Hi Susan! It’s time for your 6-month check-up. Reply now to schedule your appointment.”

  • “Hi Joan. We see it’s time for you to pay us a visit. We’re offering a 10% discount on botox this week, so we figured now is a good time for you to come in. Reply to schedule your appointment.”

  • “Hi Michael, since you’ve been a client for over a year, we’d like to offer you a free therapeutic massage when you refer a friend who schedules and completes an appointment. Have your friend text ‘Massage Me Now’ to our business phone to schedule their appointment.”

Text My Main Number offers a variety of articles on our blog that will help all industries increase their opt-in rates and sales. We also offer free training so that you know how to use our business texting platform. Give our free trial a run and you’ll see that adding landline texting to your marketing plan was definitely the way to go!

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