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Top Benefits of SMS for Your Business

  1. Fast Delivery Text messages are, no doubt, fast. The receiver of your message gets your message within seconds, once you hit the send button. Do you know the average time that the mobile carriers as well as the mobile services take to deliver a message? Well, it’s 7 seconds only!

  2. SMS Gets Read The average open rate of email stays between the ranges of 15% to 22%. Also, before anyone sees it, it is more likely to land in the spam folder. On the contrary, the open rate of text messages is strikingly high, that is, almost 98%. Now, that’s impressive! And the best part about texting is that is gets read within 1-3 minutes of receiving them.

  3. High Conversion Rate There is a staggeringly high rate of subscriber action with SMS. Whatever your text message is about – be it contests or promotions – people are more likely to take action compared to other promotions or marketing strategies.

  4. It’s Available All The Time These days, people can’t live without their mobile phones. According to studies, 91% of all the U.S citizens have their mobile phones with them all the time. Also, out of five, more than two sleep with their phones. In today’s time, all phones come with SMS features. This makes it possible for everyone to receive and read text messages whenever they get it.

  5. Flexible platform Do you want to send thousands of text messages to your entire list or send a handful of messages to a targeted group? Landline Texting service is a great option for both. According to the needs of your receivers, you even get to customize your text message campaign. You can send your customers a quick industry update or let them know about the latest discounts – in short, you can make use of SMS for whatever business needs you have.

  6. Internet Connection Not Required If you send an email to your customers, they will not get to see it if they don’t have an internet connection at that moment. The case is not the same with text messages. SMS does not require an internet connection. So even if your customers have any internet issue, they will still receive your text message. A new professional addition to text messages is landline texting. It allows you to receive text messages to a landline number so that you don’t miss out on your customers. Isn’t it great? Landline texting offers you a huge number of benefits. Want to know more about it? Get in touch, today!

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