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Top 30 Business Benefits of Landline Texting Solution

  1. Provide most convenient and flexible mode of communication, texting, to your customers, prospects, staff members and vendors

  2. Provide a tool to your customers to take benefit of asynchronous communication method: texting

  3. Be mobile

  4. Single number for all types of communications, i.e., calling and texting

  5. Keep business /professional and personal messages separate

  6. Easily manage and access professional messages from an easy to use user panel

  7. Give a sense of instant attendance and satisfaction of being valued to each customer by instantly replying to each message with “Auto Reply” feature

  8. Automate message to be sent on regular interval using Schedule message feature

  9. Gracefully respond to the messages received on week off, off office hours and during holidays

  10. Easily manage contact numbers

  11. Group contacts to send group message to people belongs to the same group

  12. Easily import and export contact numbers

  13. Send text messages and MMS to multiple people at the same time

  14. Automate answering most commonly and frequently asked questions

  15. Automate answering questions such as directions to your office, package, rates, etc.

  16. Automate appointment scheduling task

  17. Check the historical data of business communication made using the landline texting solution with the reports feature

  18. Decrease cost of printing and other advertisement material

  19. Utilize the system as and when required with the remote access to the landline texting system

  20. Allow your staff to stay focused on their core strength while the landline texting solution can answer customers’ questions in 80% of cases automatically

  21. Establish your business as a Brand to adopt new technology and tools before the competitors

  22. Gain Branding benefits

  23. Gain competitive advantage in your industry

  24. Increase productivity of your staff

  25. Better resource utilization

  26. Improved customer service model

  27. Improved customer satisfaction

  28. Increased staff satisfaction

  29. Increased business

  30. Increased revenues The list of benefits continues further. Would you like to know more? Drop us a line to info@localhost and our executives will take you on the journey of understanding the business benefits of this amazing business messaging solution.

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