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Tips to Enhance Your Store Sales with Landline Texting

 Tips to Enhance Your Store Sales with Landline Texting

1. Improve Your Website Website optimization plays a major role in the sales numbers of your online store. You must create a webpage that is attractive to your audience and is strategically structured in a way that will make visitors want to stay and browse different areas. Consider these tips:

  1. Minimize the amount of content on your homepage – The last thing you want to do is overload your homepage with too much jargon and product information; a mistake that many brands make. As an alternative, display a few products and keep it simple by using more text that describes your products or services. You may have a million products in your store, but the homepage should only display your top selling and newer products.

  2. Build your email list – Do not underestimate the power of email marketing because it is still effective! In order for you to create methods of capturing emails from your audience, you must optimize your website in a way that will make visitors share their email address with you. An excellent way to do that is by offering them a digital download (like a free e-book) in exchange for their email.

  3. Use graphics – The human brain grasps and absorbs images more so than data because we are visual creatures. You should consider adding more videos or other graphics on your top landing pages.

2. Use Landline Texting Mobile marketing trends grew tremendously in 2018 via SMS landline texting service providers like Text My Main Number. Landline texting is increasingly being used by various businesses, and now we’ll go over some key tactics to use landline texting to increase your online store sales.

Coupons and Discounts Coupons and promotional discounts are remarkable sources to boost sales. They’ll help increase website traffic and more importantly, people love them. Who doesn’t love shopping when a discount is being offered? Exactly. No one. Use landline texting to inform your subscribers about an upcoming sale (include direct links to your website) or use special events to send your customers a promotional code for an additional discount or you can offer free shipping.

Automated Updates Landline texting is a useful tool to reach your customers in a personalized way. If you’re looking to increase your sales revenue, don’t just focus your efforts on sales only, but also on the entire user experience itself. Automated text messages can be utilized to thank your customers for their purchase or to provide information about their order (e.g. shipping updates). These short and simple messages will satisfy your customer and make them extremely eager to come back and shop again!

Launching New ProductsLandline texting can also be used to promote the launch of your new product(s). The challenge with selling new products is that they’re not yet established, and people lack trust in their effectiveness. That’s why you must use landline texting to promote and boost your audience’s interest beforehand. Let your prospects and customers know that something exclusive is about to be launched and entice them to buy the product before it goes out of stock!

3. Benefit of Chatbots Chatbots are beneficial because they generate a tailored approach towards each visitor. An online store doesn’t have the indulgence of providing an in-person sales representative, however, chatbots could easily replace their presence by helping your website visitors and answering their questions or pointing them in the direction of a specified product. Chatbots could also be utilized to recommend specific products and help customers find what they’re looking for. People love dealing with humans, that’s why implementing a humanized experience on your website through a chatbot will leave your customers happy. As statistics have proven, the main benefits of using a chatbot are:

  1. 64% say the biggest benefit is the capability of getting 24-hour customer service.

  2. 55% say the biggest benefit is receiving instant replies to inquiries.

  3. 55% say the biggest benefit is getting their simple questions answered instantly.

4. Product Recommendation EnginesProduct recommendation engines are mechanized tools that utilize algorithms to sort data and make wise recommendations based on each user’s information. They’re also used to develop a human-like experience online by representing a sales representative, who assists customers in finding a specific item. A product recommendation engine is a key source to drive sales for e-commerce stores, safeguarding that the user connects with the content, and maybe even finds the product they’re looking for. Up to now, approximately 35% of Amazon’s income is generated by the recommendation engines.  An impressive 75% of what people see on Netflix is also based on the algorithms of these recommendation engines as well.

5. Decrease Cart Abandonments The notable rates of cart abandonment are triggering companies to lose a lot of sales. It’s frustrating when a customer adds an item to their shopping cart and then ends up abandoning the entire checkout process. Businesses must deal with the cart abandonment problem since the average rate is as high as 67%. Most customers admit that they’d complete the purchase process if they received a follow-up text or email message. That’s why the most strategic way to deal with cart abandoners are by using landline texting and emails to follow up. Sending a friendly text message reminder to your shoppers to remind them about their unfinished purchase is an excellent way to reroute them back to your website. Leverage the power of landline texting notifications via SMS and email marketing. Oh, and don’t forget! You can insert a link in the text message you send that will direct the customer back to their shopping cart. Use these simple tips from Text My Main Number to increase not only your online sales but your profits as well! Contact us today to get started on boosting your store sales through landline texting!

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