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Tips to Enhance Customer Communication in 2019

  1. Humanize your conversations with customers Customers want genuine experiences with your brand, and the best and easiest way to provide that is by speaking to them using normal, conversational language. Often times businesses forget to cultivate their interaction with customers, and instead they end up thinking that professional communication requires exaggeratedly formal or mechanical language. Using the Text My Main Number landline texting service will allow you to use the same language that your customers are already used to. You’ll be able to generate a more comfortable environment and genuine experience which will lead to an increase in your customer satisfaction ratings. Perform an audit of the type of language that is being used throughout your business content. That includes your website copy, social media captions, text messaging, and your scripts for phone conversations. If it’s not flowing seamlessly or sounds too stuffy, it’s time for you to make some changes.

  2. Create content that not only educates but also entertains An indispensable component to refining customer communication is minimalizing confusion over your products or services. An excellent way to achieve this is by using the Text My Main Number landline texting service to provide your customers with valuable content that not only educates but that also captures their attention. Video is the top-ranking medium for business marketing, and its relevance cannot be understated! Over 50% of consumers prefer to see videos over any other type of medium. Your business can design videos that will show people how your products work, help your target audience comprehend why they need your products, highlight customer success stories or really just about anything that reveals a triumph story that will demonstrate what it is you do and who your company is. Another method that can’t be disregarded is blogging. If you want to nurture your brand more this year but have not yet incorporated blogging into your communication plan, you are missing out on the easiest way for your prospects and customers to find you online. Building and managing a blog lets your company leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not to mention it helps increase your business leads by an impressive 67 percent. Just like with video marketing, blogging can be used for several purposes, including educating your audience, provide insight on industry trends and publicizing product or company updates. Last but certainly not least, is text message marketing. Using the #1 form of communication to tell your brand’s story and promote your products or services is a no brainer. We predict that next to video marketing, text messaging will be at the top of the list of ways to promote your business in 2019. It has the highest likelihood of open rates and responses than any other form of communication. No one answers phone calls anymore, and they surely don’t read emails as often as they once did. However, nearly everyone feels forced to at least open and read text messages.

  3. Give customers the opportunity to provide feedback No one can recognize the defects that may exist in your business better than your customers can. Let them tell you what areas may need improvement, what’s working favorably for them, or what may need to go. By giving them a simple way to provide feedback through the Text My Main Number landline texting service, you’re offering them a tried-and-true way to let them know that you value their opinion and care about their needs. Firstly, you should maintain a habit of frequently monitoring your social media pages. Respond to reviews and comments, even if there are any negative instances. By engaging with your audience on social media, you’re demonstrating that you care about conversations that are going on about your business. Next, you should send out surveys or integrate them into your social media pages or website. It’s crucial to keep them brief and to define your business goals so that you are asking targeted questions. Survey Monkey contains an excellent list of best practices for operative surveys.

  4. Recognize how consumers want to communicate with you Consumers expect to be able to effortlessly reach your business. Ensure that you are accessible on multiple channels and visibly identify each one on your websites. Aside from phone calls and emails, your business should look into text messaging as an influential channel to expand customer communication in 2019. Text My Main Number recently researched customers of all ages– from baby boomers to Generation Z – to get a more informed look at peoples texting habits and how they relate with businesses. Our research proved that across every age group, consumers wished more businesses would text them. Texting offers several benefits to both parties. When businesses use a landline texting service, they are providing customers with conversational messaging on a medium that is more fitting than an email or phone call. There’s no more playing phone tag and your message has a greater chance of being seen.

  5. Automate information delivery In order to really speed up the communication timeline between you and your prospects and customers, consider using the Text My Main Number automation tool to answer frequently asked questions. It will save a lot of time on administrative tasks if your business commonly receives calls asking general questions like what your business hours are or directions, for example. Text My Main Number’s keyword and auto-reply features can get the job done by answering customer texts instantly. Among the many benefits, automated texting frees employees of interruptions from unnecessary phone calls and lets your business stay available to customers around the clock, even after hours. You’ll keep customers happy by giving them the information they need at lightning speed without having to involve someone from your team. Are you ready to kick off 2019 with enhanced customer communication? Check out Text My Main Number’s landline texting service with a free 14-day trial.

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