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Tips on Success for Entrepreneurs from Small Business Leaders

Getting tips on success can only help when you’re a startup. Whether the help is regarding how to use social media, getting through the initial and tough days of a startup, or just about how to market your business, the advice will only help you succeed.

We selected a video and some quotes that contain success tips from small business leaders. The video was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona at ICON14. ICON is the Infusionsoft customer conference which appeals to about 3,000 attendees. Most people who attend are small business owners or employees of small businesses.

During a lecture at this particular event, Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft, sat down and spoke bluntly about the very tough initial stages of the corporation he co-founded over ten years ago.   Infusionsoft, who received $54 million in capital from Goldman Sachs, fought its way for many years before finally earning a significant amount of growth capital.

Mask stated that in their early years, each day was a real struggle for survival.  While the business experience and cash flow do matter, the real secret, he says, “starts in your head with your success mindset, attitude and positive thinking.” This is what will carry you through the tough times.

Below we have a compilation of tips on success from small business leaders that have real depth and can help any entrepreneur.

For starters, here is a video of Mask’s advice:

Be Where Your Customers Are When It Comes to Social Media

“Know where your customers are hanging out online. You don’t have to be everywhere. Be where your customers are … and communicate with them there.” – Laurie McCabe, Partner SMB Group,

Don’t Give Up on Networking!

“Never stop networking, never stop pushing. It’s easy to give up when everybody around you … is telling you ‘you can’t do it’. You have to be around positive people. Then push on.” – (Starts at 1:08) Tom Force, Owner, ICE Keytags

Twitter is Powerful in Terms of Market Research

“Twitter is the best thing that ever happened to small business owners. You can listen to your competitors or customers, and they don’t even know you’re listening.” – (Starts at 2:01) Melinda Emerson, Author of Succeed as Your Own Boss


Success is all About Positive Vibes and Mindset

“Our first three years were brutally tough… every day was about survival. Then I remembered a lesson from my father. Your mind is everything, yet it’s not what you know, but rather how you deal with it. It is about your mindset and positive thinking.”  – (Starts at 2:43) Clate Mask, Founder and CEO, Infusionsoft

Wearable Technology Will Keep You Fit

“The ‘wearables’ tech trend is keeping people fit, keeping them active, and keeping them in toe with their fitness goals.”  – (Starts at 7:10) Tishin Donkersley, Editor in Chief,

Handwritten Thank You Notes Go a Long Way

“One simple way to ‘wow’ customers is thank-you cards — a handwritten note, a thank-you card saying ‘thank you for buying from me’.” – (Starts at 8:09) Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist,

Share Great Information on Your Social Media Profiles

“Having a Facebook presence as a real estate professional is vitally important. Buyers and sellers are there. Make sure you are sharing information that is great for the consumer, not just real estate people.” – (Starts at 9:09) Bill Harney, CEO, Keeping Current Matters

To Gain PR, Present Yourself as an Influencer

“If you are a local small business, look at local media for PR. Read those publications, forge relationships, find out what types of stories the journalists are covering, and offer yourself up as a thought leader on a topic.” – (Starts at 9:49) Laura Collins, PR at Infusionsoft

Get a Referral System Going

“Put processes in place in your business that ask for referrals. And make sure the customer experience is above expectations.” – (Starts at 11:21) Jonathan Graves, President, Graves Organization, Inc.

Your Sales Team Should Be Qualifying Leads Every Step of the Way

“You need to set up a process to convert the most leads possible. Put them in a sales pipeline … and add checkpoints to determine those who are qualified, versus those who aren’t.” – (Starts at 11:52) Justin Roberts, Infusionsoft Expert, Infusionsoft

Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely. Reach Out and Touch Someone.

“Entrepreneurship is one of the loneliest professions in the world. The entrepreneurs that are really successful reach out in networking groups and peer associations — or just to one person. They need that thought partner.” – (Starts at 13:00) Jeff Mask, Vice President, Infusionsoft

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