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The Rise of Text Messaging is Improving the Hospitality Business

Business texting services for hotels is the new industry trend We’re not just using text messaging as a form of communicating socially. Businesses in industries like pharmaceuticals and fashion have already applied business texting services and have seen the benefits of being able to instantly message their customers and prospects to streamline customer service. In cases where a customer wants a quick response on availability or pricing, it is simpler and faster to send a text message to get answers. Using a business texting service to communicate with guests is the next big trend in the hospitality industry. Research has demonstrated that over 90% of respondents in the country are saying that replying to hotel guests via text message is either very or somewhat useful. People prefer fast and direct responses over making a phone call to the front desk or asking questions by sending an email and awaiting a response. Plus, the fact that you can have discussions stored on your mobile device means you can access the information if you need to revisit it. The fact that business texting services are being used by major social platforms such as Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger has made it easy to implement this communication technology with hotels who can make excellent use of this efficient use of engaging and servicing guests. Here are some practical examples of how the hospitality industry is using text messaging.

When you should use a business texting service

Confirm reservations. Yes it’s true, this is probably the most logical use of text messaging for guests. All you’ll have to do is click a button to send your guests a quick reminder regarding their stay the day prior to check-in. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to ask what time they’ll be arriving and find out if they’ll need any special arrangements or transport to the hotel. This type of personalized service not only sets their expectations, but it will go a long way when they’re contemplating what to say in a review about your services. So make sure you impress them before they arrive.

Share important info about your property. Instant messaging is probably the most popular medium for exchanging information and inquiring about additional services that your facility may have to offer. You can let guests know about their parking options or what time breakfast will be served. By letting them know where to find everything before they arrive, you are helping them prepare for their stay while avoiding any misconceptions of what you have to offer. This is also a great way to make sure they know about any events or situations that would affect their stay, like a local parade that would cause unwanted traffic on their way to the hotel.

Offer special promotions just for guests. Who doesn’t love a good Happy Hour? Use text messaging to let your hotel guests know what time and where Happy Hour will be held, along with any special discounts you offer on cocktails during that time. You can also use this business texting service to notify people about your on-site amenities, seasonal discounts, or spa packages to boost their excitement and convert them from being satisfied guests to ecstatic guests. Customized promotions encourage people to spend their money at your place of business and will deliver the “wow factor” that will later encourage them to write a positive review regarding their stay at your hotel.

Send an in-stay welcome message. There is something to be said about how a guest will perceive a short welcome message upon arrival. This is a good way to build rapport and develop a relationship with your guests that opens up communication. When a guest feels comfortable with asking any questions they may have or voicing concerns where needed, you’re building loyalty and increasing the likelihood of that guest staying at your hotel the next time they’re in town.

Ask for feedback and special requests during their stay. When you use a business texting service to ask guests to provide feedback on their experience, it allows you the chance to fix anything that may not be working for them. People are more likely to provide honest critique when they can do it quickly and without having to call or approach management to do so. This is also a convenient way to keep track of items that are often reported to be malfunctioning like TVs, irons, blow dryers, etc. Using this form of open communication will also allow guests to notify you of any special requests they may have such as their dietary requirements or let you know if they’ll be arriving later than expected.

Send a request for a review. You will be able to stack up more reviews by text messaging your guests a direct link to their mobile device after they have checked out. Businesses often miss out on getting positive reviews listed online because people don’t necessarily want to take the time out of their day to write them. With providing a direct link, you’re increasing the chance of them clicking on the link immediately to write a positive review.

Get on board with business texting services Communicating directly with your guests by using a business texting service is a crucial way of structuring a connection, while making them feel appreciated and heard. So start improving your guest’s overall experience by executing text messaging services for your hotel, and get on board with the biggest trend in the hospitality industry!

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