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The Power of SMS Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

When people think nonprofit, they think mission. They think hard work. They think cause. No one ever thinks about the SMS marketing strategy, business development, or leadership it takes to bring it all together.

The initiatives differ from one nonprofit to the other, but the main goal is always to succeed and in order to do that, you must focus your nonprofit marketing strategy on the experience you’re providing to those who donate. Let’s face it, when you’re a nonprofit, it’s the donations that make it all happen.

In this post, Text My Main Number intends to share how you can utilize landline texting to empower your nonprofit marketing plan by using SMS to build and maintain a solid relationship with your supporters.

SMS Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Delivering a message used to mean sending a letter out and waiting for the recipient to receive it in their mailbox. From there it graduated to sending electronic mail that would land in someone’s email inbox within minutes and would be read when the recipient next checked their inbox on their computer. Now, people read their messages from the palm of their hands and while smartphones allow you to check your email from an application, it’s text messages that are read within minutes.

We’ve evolved.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the younger generations who use texting as their main form of communicating with others. In fact, people between the ages of 45-64 are using their mobile phones at the most rapid rate. Even users aged 70 and above use their mobile devices to text each week.

SMS marketing offers features for nonprofit organizations that are both beneficial and convenient. If donations are what keeps the org going, then outreach is of vital importance and it would only make sense that you use landline texting to deliver your messages. You can send text messages using your business or toll-free phone number and you can pretty much guarantee that your message will be read almost instantly.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

When you invest in anything, your main goal is the profits it will return. When a nonprofit organization marketing plan includes expenditures of any sort it’s with the intent that their supporters will be inspired to donate. Why? Because money floats their boat. A boat filled with initiatives that help those in need of their services.

Typically, the resources for nonprofit organizations is limited so using an affordable communication platform like Text My Main Number’s text messaging platform to launch SMS marketing campaigns is a wise choice. Chances are, it’s also the marketing method that will produce the most return on investment (ROI).

Here’s why SMS marketing is the way to go:

  1. 82 percent of consumers will read text messages within a few minutes of receiving them, as opposed to the 1 in 4 people who open emails.

  2. The average response rate to text messages is 40 percent, which is 29 percent higher than the phone response rate.

  3. 75 percent of consumers have expressed that they like receiving offers via text messages.

  4. 78 percent of consumers in the United States say that the fastest way to reach them is through text messaging.

So, the point we’re trying to drive is that penciling in landline texting to a nonprofit organization’s marketing plan can only help you spread the word about your causes, reach a larger audience, build stronger appeal, and increase your number of supporters.

How Nonprofits are Using SMS Marketing

When a nonprofit wants to make an impact in the way they spread the message about one of their initiatives, they are usually looking for people who can:

  1. Contribute their time

  2. Offer a service

  3. Help spread a message

  4. Sponsor an event

  5. Donate money

To attain these actions, you can use landline texting to send messages from the business phone number to:

Schedule and Confirm Volunteers

Sometimes it’s difficult to field volunteers because they sign up to help and then you can’t reach them. To cut down the possibility of them forgetting what day, time, and the location to where you will need them you can utilize text messaging to communicate.


Before people contribute their time or donate funds to a cause, they usually have a ton of questions to ask. Nonprofits can decrease the percentage of unanswered inquiries by using a text messaging platform to manage all inquiries. People will have the ability to text their questions to your toll-free number and your team can answer them from any device through the Text My Main Number admin panel.

Communicate with Donors

Personalize your relationship with donors by continuing communication throughout the process. You want them to truly connect with the mission and help them feel like they’re a part of the resolve. Send them MMS messages with images of the volunteers at work, video testimonials from the people who are being aided, and anything else that will encourage them to enduringly connect to the cause.

Some of the other landline texting uses for nonprofits include:

  1. Promoting news about the mission

  2. Sending supporters links with more information

  3. Sending staff important updates

  4. Creating and managing events

  5. Sending reminders

  6. Requesting confirmation

  7. And much more!

The Takeaway

Getting started with landline texting for your nonprofit is not only the quickest and most efficient way to streamline communication, but it’s easy! Text My Main Number likes to keep their relationships with clients personalized and will walk you through setting up your business or toll-free phone number to receive and send text messages. Free training is available to all new clients and with a free 14-day trial, you will have more than enough time to implement and test the productivity of the most popular communication channel that exists. Have questions on how to get started? Contact us today!

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