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Text My Main Number Relaunches Website

We enhanced our product

  1. We launched a new and improved version of our landline texting app with more helpful text to landline features than ever.

  2. We added emojis to help humanize your conversations with customers and prospects.

  3. We developed Realtime template delivery which enables sending customizable forms, menu options, brochure, survey, directions, and much more while communicating with recipients.

  4. We updated our GUI admin panel, making substantial improvements to the user experience.

Our company grew

  1. We added Programming Experts to test and improve our service features.

  2. We added Content Specialists to deliver the best resources to our customers.

  3. We developed a technical support team to help train our customers to use our landline texting products and services in the most effective way.

  4. We partnered with Business Development Professionals to help us grow as your business grows.

  5. We hired a Brand Manager to help us add marketing features to our texting platform that will boost the way you promote your products and services to your audience.

Text My Main Number is impacting the industry The purpose in relaunching the Text My Main Number website was to give our online presence a face-lift. You see our office is your office and improving our layout will help you better understand how much of an asset our landline texting services are for your business. We intend to provide our customers with a more innovative form of communication through our two-way texting platform. Implementing our text to landline services will help companies connect to their audience in a more modern and direct way. Many industries have executed the Text My Main Number landline texting solution to their landline, toll-free, and VoIP business phone numbers and are finding that this new way to connect and engage with prospects and customers is improving conversions, and in turn, ROI. Some of the trades who have reported the most influence include:

  1. Automobile

  2. Night Clubs/Bars

  3. Concierge Business

  4. Crisis Hotlines

  5. Recovery Centers

  6. Hair Salons

  7. Hospitality

  8. Restaurants

  9. Insurance

  10. Law Firms

  11. Schools

  12. Medical Facilities

  13. Pharmacies

Delivering a marketing solution for your business Besides providing an enhanced communication channel, landline texting is also providing a more results-oriented form of marketing to companies throughout the country. The biggest challenge that organizations face when looking for a marketing solution that is cost effective, is choosing which platform will be the most well received by prospects and customers. With a 98% open rate, there’s not too much to argue in a case where research has proven that text messaging is the public’s most preferred way to communicate. See, we’re delivering a channel to you that guarantees that your message will land in the palm of your recipient’s hand. A more direct way to deliver a promotional offer simply does not exist!

Text My Main Number landline texting features Now that you’re ready

SMS Send and receive text messages with your existing landline, toll-free, or VoIP business phone number.

MMS Send and receive picture messages with your existing landline, toll-free, or VoIP business number.

SMS and MMS Send a message containing both text and picture messages, with your existing landline, toll-free, or VoIP business number.

Emojis Humanize your communication with customers and prospects with emojis that will add personality and emotion to your text messages.

Contact Management Add, edit, store, and manage contacts with our text to landline solution, just like you would your mobile contacts. You can also import and export contacts at any time.

Website Contact Form-to-SMS Follow-up with your prospects in a faster and more efficient manner by receiving a text message when someone fills out the contact form on your website. Once you receive the notification, you can quickly send a text message response to lock in your lead.

Group/Bulk Messaging Place contacts in one or more groups based on different demographics and criteria in order to customize and schedule who and when to send text messages to. Now you can send alerts, notifications and announcements to groups of people all at the same time.

Scheduled Texting Improve your marketing campaigns and send reminders by scheduling outbound SMS and/or MMS messages at a specified time.

Auto Reply Automate texting with keywords of your choosing, all with your existing landline, toll-free, or VoIP business phone number. You can customize automated reply templates that would respond to messages based on specific keywords texted to your business phone number. The auto reply function also allows you to enable or disable this feature during specific times and days, even during your off hours and holidays.

Recurring SMS Need to schedule recurring text message? With the Recurring SMS feature, you can schedule recurring text messages to be sent as often as you need.

Chat Use the chat widget to enjoy quick texting with your contacts. You can also use the widget to manage multiple conversations at the same time.

ITR (Integrated Text Response) Set multi-level automated replies with our ITR feature. A great feature for collecting data and conducting surveys for your business.

Custom Signature Personalize your messages with a custom signature to be included at the end of each SMS and MMS.

Message Templates Store and use frequently used text formats to save time. This is an excellent feature to respond to common questions quickly and send an assortment of customizable messages.

Mobile to Email & Email to Mobile Forward all text messages to one or multiple emails of your choice, or forward text messages from email to mobile. That means you can send an email and convert it to text. This is an excellent way to reply to inbound messages and send replies via text, or you can create a new message via email and send as a text message.

Mobile to Mobile App Forward all messages sent to your business phone number to an SMS app on your smart phone. Reply from your smart phone and mask your personal phone number from the Caller ID with your business phone number.

API Access Integrate our landline texting solution with your existing system.

White-label Use the Text My Main Number Complete White Label Solution for brand management and marketing to clients.

Availability of USA Number(s) Non-US number users can get a USA number to use landline texting

Call To SMS Use your keypad on your phone to send predesigned templates via text to callers during live phone calls. (Text My Main Number Phone Service is required)

Realtime Template Delivery Provide prompts in real time to send predetermined templates to callers via text. You’ll have the ability to quickly send a template with directions, menu options, brochure, survey, and just about any type of form while you’re communicating live with the customer. (Text My Main Number Phone Service is required)

Free Support Service Our professional customer care specialists are ready to provide you with fast support! So, what are you waiting for to jump on the groundbreaking band wagon that is the Text My Main Number landline texting solution? Don’t wait another moment to apply to our text to landline service to enhance your daily operations. Sign up today!

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