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Text Enable Your Landline To Take Complete Benefit of Google My Business Messaging Feature

  1. Keep a single point of contact with your landline number

  2. Keep personal and professional messages separate

  3. Take benefit of advanced texting features available with landline texting such as automated reply, appointment, ITR (Integrated Text Response) system and many more

  4. Get clear reports to review messages and usage

  5. And much more It takes only 24-48 hours to text enable your landline number. You don’t need to make any changes at your end. Also, you will get the benefit of ongoing free support service without any extra charges. The monthly subscription rate of business texting solution is affordable to any small business owner as well. Check the rates here Still unsure? Use 30 day free trial of landline texting, and then take a decision. To book your free trial account or product demo, contact us.

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