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SMS Mobile Texting Solutions for Your E-Commerce Business

SMS Mobile Texting Solutions for Your E-Commerce Business

SMS mobile texting can really drive sales to help your e-commerce business grow. So long as you implement the right methods to connect to your target consumers and loyal customers, you will establish a relationship that will not only develop a level of trust between your brand and your audience, but also boost revenue.

Here are some examples of how SMS mobile texting can help you grow your e-commerce business.

Special Events & Sales

Announce exclusive sales and special events using SMS mobile texting. Create a special keyword for your marketing campaign and send a direct message to your subscribers to let them know about the special discount. When your selected audience uses the keyword at checkout, they will instantly receive the allotted markdown.

Order Status & Shipping Information

It is a known fact that SMS is one of the fastest ways to communicate with a customer aside from an actual phone call. With messages being read within 3 minutes of receiving them, you can say this is the most instant way to let customers know about any updates to their order or notify them of any shipping information.

Save Potential Sales from the Abandoned Carts

When a customer adds items to their shopping cart on your website, they have a level of intent to purchase. For whatever reason, many customers leave the items in their cart without completing their purchase. It may be that they’d like to come back later and forget, it could be that they wanted to see what the total would be so that when they’re ready to buy, they’re prepared to spend that amount. Whatever the reason may be, it’s up to you not to let the completed sale escape! You can use mobile texting to remind them or even offer a discount if they click the link you provide via text to complete their order.

Lure Consumers in With Images

Mobile texting isn’t just limited to sending words and links. Since MMS is supported, you can also send images and videos to promote your upcoming sales.

Immediate Feedback

When you’re looking to get immediate feedback from your customers, send them a survey immediately after they’ve purchased items from your online store and include questions about how satisfied they are with their shopping experience.

Instant Customer Service

Customer service plays a major role in how successful your e-commerce business will be. With consumers preferring mobile texting to communicate over making phone calls, it’s a no brainer that more online stores are implementing SMS to enhance their customer’s experience. Text messages are instant and more personalized than an email so allow your customer to text your business phone number for instant customer service.

Tailored Merchandise Ideas

Help your customers decide what to purchase by suggesting merchandise that may interest them. If you’re running low on stock for an item that matches their previous buying history, send them a text to let them know and encourage them to act fast before it’s sold out.

Special Event Texts

An excellent way to change up your mobile marketing approach is to send special events texts to keep your subscribers interested. You don’t want it to seem like you only reach out to promote and get them to buy products. For example, you can offer a special discount for their birthday which comes across as a personalized and exclusive gesture.

Reactivating Customers

Many e-commerce businesses are turning to mobile texting to retain consumers by sending reminders to purchase an item when they haven’t heard from them in a while. This works great for items that would possibly need a refill or reorder like supplements, skin care, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage items.

Encourage Indecisive Customers

Encourage customers who are on the fence about buying a product. Usually these are the customers that inquire about a product but then drop off the website without completing their purchase. To inspire them to buy, you can send a follow up text message to see if there is anything else you can assist with and personalize the conversation to convert their inquiry into a sale.

Mobile Texting Vs Traditional Marketing

It’s been about 20 years since the internet boom changed the way people browse and shop as we entered the digital era. That in turn changed marketing strategies across all industries since their consumers attention had now shifted into a virtual platform. Competing for people’s attention was now more challenging than ever.

That being said, it was now time to implement a variety of marketing methods in order to keep business booming. Today that means promoting products on social media, sending emails to market your products, using mobile texting, or even cold calling.

The point is, mobile texting can stand alone in your marketing strategy, or you can use it to fortify your existing marketing approaches. You can use mobile texting to:

  1. Send a text message announcing that you’ve sent an email with an exclusive offer to ensure they don’t delete the email marketing message they received.

  2. Offer a bonus to your social media followers by posting an image with a promotional code in the caption. You can also make it more exciting by launching a flash sale and include the promotional code on your story which only lasts 24 hours. That will entice your followers to buy now before the sale ends.

  3. Send surveys using your mobile texting service to boost response rates.

Getting Started with Mobile Texting

The last stage before you start your mobile texting campaign is possibly the most imperative. You have to receive permission to send messages to your customers. It is not legal to send text messages to your customers if they have not permitted you to do so. Sending text messages without permission is forbidden by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and you can be fined a generous amount if you don’t abide by the rules.

Text My Main Number Free Trial

Still not convinced that SMS mobile texting is the best marketing strategy for your e-commerce business? We get it. Especially since once upon a time people thought the idea of combining peanut butter and chocolate was a terrible idea. Ask The Hershey Company how bad of an idea it was to promote Reese’s. The Text My Main Number team is so convinced that mobile texting is the way to go to improve sales for your e-commerce business that we want to help you get started by offering you a free trial!

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