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Landline Texting Solution for Healthcare Industry by Text My Main Number

  1. Hospitals

  2. Individual Clinics

  3. Laboratories

  4. And other medical organizations The landline texting service enables your landline or toll free number to send and receive SMS and MMS to and from landline number. As we all know texting is the most viable mode of communication. By using this landline messaging solution, you can introduce the most viable communication tool for your patients and staff. The medical facilities which made Landline Texting Solution part of their communication environment have:

  5. Doubled their Brand value

  6. Increased their business by reducing no show up ratio

  7. Increased customer satisfaction by decreasing long call hold times

  8. Increased staff satisfaction by offering better work life balance

  9. Utilized medical staff more effectively All these collectively contributed in Increased Revenue! The stated business messaging solution of Text My Main Number comes with some amazing features, including, but not limited to:

  10. Enabling one or more landline numbers for 2-way communication

  11. User friendly user panel to manage the messages

  12. SMS and MMS facility over landline

  13. Bulk SMS

  14. Unlimited SMS

  15. Unlimited contacts

  16. Contact Grouping

  17. Auto Reply

  18. Scheduled messaging

  19. Appointment scheduling

  20. Remote access

  21. Reporting Still have any questions? Text My Main Number Team will be happy to help you to understand this effective communication tool and how to use it effectively for your hospitals, clinics or other medical facility. Reach us for more details: Phone: 1.800.797.3167 Email: info@localhost Website:

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