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Landline Texting Simplifies Managing a Mobile Workforce

Landline texting has been improving communication across a variety of industries because of its ability to deliver messages nearly instantly. Not every business works from one location during a specific timeframe daily, and when operations is non-conventional, effective communication is key to ensuring efficiency.

Oftentimes, businesses that operate and rely on a distributed workforce have different types of workgroups. It can include but is not limited to office employees, remote workers, and field teams. To ensure that business operations are running smoothly, there is a need for clear and fast communication to connect all involved parties.

Suffice it to say that communication is a default necessity in a mobile workforce. But some businesses still find it challenging to set up an effective communication channel. That’s where the power of text messaging and even landline texting comes into play. It is more accessible than emails and can easily be personalized for every person. The good news is that implementing business texting services is easy to set up for your convenience and has proven to improve customer service.

When unforeseen circumstances demand your workforce to make sudden changes, every person on your team must be ready to collaborate. With landline texting, workforce collaboration becomes straightforward. Although it is sometimes underrated, SMS messaging is still widely used today and has an engagement rate of 98%. People read the texts within three minutes, which means that important messages will be opened and read quickly.

To give you a bigger picture, here are five of the usual circumstances where landline texting can be essential in upgrading your distributed or mobile workforce.

Use Landline Texting to Communicate Plan Changes and Schedules

Changes in plans or schedules can happen any time, especially when your business involves the mobile workforce. For instance, there is a scheduled delivery, but the client requests to change the time of arrival. One of the quickest ways to reach the driver is to send a text message, containing the new delivery information. The text reaches the recipient before arriving at the destination.

This is one situation where SMS messaging is the perfect solution. Yes, you can make calls, but sometimes, people may be preoccupied to answer their phones. Meanwhile, text messages will surely be seen because we do tend to check our phones from time to time. Sending SMS text can help avoid conflict, confusion, and canceled sales, resulting in smooth sailing business operations.

Relay HR and Work-Related Information

Another way to upgrade your mobile workforce management using SMS texting is relaying important information related to work and human resources. You can send text updates and alerts to all your employees, including new rules and requirements, reminders, schedules of deliverables, and even notifications on newly hired people. A text message can also contain links to confidential documents that the recipient can privately access.

Details about payroll, for example, can be communicated through text messaging. It is a time-consuming responsibility of an HR, and employees consider information on salaries as a primary concern in the workplace. If an HR wants to talk to an employee about payrolls, he or she can send an SMS to notify the recipient about it. It is best to invest in business texting services to communicate this matter more safely and securely.

Notify About Important News and Updates

Aside from work and HR-related alerts, landline texting is an easy way to update your employees about news and weather conditions. Remember that you employ a mobile workforce that is always on the field. To keep them safe, you can notify them through text messaging if there is a storm coming or road issues that they need to avoid. Your employees receive notifications instantly, even without an internet connection.

Daily events and weather contingencies are not the only things that can distract your business operations. Field workers who rely on technology for navigation, weather updates, and vehicle monitoring may experience sudden software updates. One way to keep everything on track is to send SMS alerts, informing your employees about the on-going technical updates. If you have problems on your end, you send alerts via landline texting.

Create Specific Alerts for Every Field Team

Since you have several departments working for you, upgrade your mobile workforce by creating alerts with customized keywords for every team. This helps employees receive scheduled notifications whenever necessary. After sending the messages, make sure that everyone has read your alerts by send follow-up SMS. Do not forget to answer questions if you receive any. Too technical? Business texting services can help with this.

Use Business Texting Services to Send Surveys and Receive Feedback

If you want to make changes in how you run the company, and you want to know what your employees think about them, you can create a survey and send it as an SMS. That way, it is more personalized and private. It is also direct and fast. You also give them the chance to express their thoughts about your plans and make modifications based on their suggestions. For sure, you will receive more responses than doing the survey through emails or calls.

In addition to surveys and feedback, text messaging can also be a way for you to gather information about your employees. This does not pertain to personal details but work-related concerns. It is important that you know how they feel about working for you and what benefits they want to receive for rendering their services.

How to Get Started with Landline Texting

The Text My Main Number team is all about efficiency and that’s why we not only offer you a free trial so that you can believe in the most effective communication channel as much as we do, but we also offer training for free. We are absolutely sure that you will find that an SMS platform for your business is the best thing since sliced bread. You are not only able to communicate with your team instantly, but you can also keep record of all conversations and manage multiple conversations through the web-based user panel. Contact us today, and let’s get you started!

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