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Landline Texting Service: Use Full Potential of Your Landline

  1. Schedule message

  2. Auto reply

  3. Automated appointment scheduling

  4. Group messaging

  5. Mass texting

  6. Contact management

  7. Reports

  8. And more You must implement SMS to Landline solution in your business because 91% consumers prefer texting over calls and voicemails. Also, 560 billion texts are sent every month to a landline number. If you’re not using the landline texting service, you are losing these messages and customers as well. To meet consumer preference and demand as well as to use the full potential of your landline number, make sure to text enable your landline number today! Thinking, it is expensive? If yes, don’t worry. The landline texting service starts at as low as 29 USD/Month with an array of features. If you think your usage could be less than the offered business texting packages, you can request a custom package which would cost lesser than 29 USD/Month. If you are unsure about this solution, try risk free trial of the landline texting solution. For more details and answer of your all questions, contact us!

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