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Landline Texting Opt-ins: Giveaway Ideas to Boost Subscribers

Offering people an incentive using your landline texting platform to encourage them to opt-in is probably THE BEST way to grow your list. With consumers constantly being bombarded with offers to join a list, subscribe to a channel, follow a social media profile, or add their email address to some sort of brand’s contact list, it’s important you stay creative (and give free stuff away) when inviting them to opt-in.

The result of your opt-in landline texting campaign will be dependent on:

· Who you are targeting

· The size of your target audience

· The wording used in the text message

· The level of appeal in the incentive you offer

Before you begin designing your landline texting marketing plan, we are going to review the types of offers that have proven to draw subscribers from a text offer.

Based on the type of industry you’re categorized under, some of the items listed below may differ. Either way, here are:

The top 5 landline texting giveaway ideas to grow your list of subscribers

Real-time Landline Texting Discount Offers

There’s nothing more exciting than a real-time discount offer when a consumer is ready to checkout on your website. Their shoppers’ adrenaline rush is already pumping and here they see an offer to enter their cell phone number to opt-in.

The most inviting part of this exchange it that they’ll receive a promotional discount code to instantly save on their current purchase before they enter their payment information. Now it’s up to you to continue to keep them excited about your brand by maintaining a loyal text messaging relationship with them.

SMS Event Connection

By linking your giveaway offer to an event such as a movie premiere, a concert, or local marathon you’re sharing in the event’s momentum. It’s an excellent idea to piggyback ride on that excitement to increase your list of subscribers. For example, you can post an offer on your social media channels inviting people to click on a link and enter their mobile phone number to opt-in. They’ll then receive a discount code via text message with a word related to the event like:

“Thank you for subscribing! Get 20% off your next purchase by entering promotional code ‘STARWARSCLUB’ at checkout.”

The most beneficial aspect of this tactic is the fact that your text message offer will be read within minutes as opposed to an email offer that may be read days later (if at all). It’s up to you to make the wording compelling so that they don’t ignore your text, and DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE TO GET THEM TO SHOP EVEN FASTER!

Subscribe & Click for Tips

People love reading informative blog articles, especially if “how to” or “top 10” is included in the title. But, the one thing that landline texting doesn’t have the canvas space for is a lot of words. While there are smartphones that have the on-screen space for it, it’s not the place to read a full article like you would on your computer monitor.

What can really offer consumers excellent value is quick tips sent to their smartphones. If you’re business falls under the service, healthcare, beauty, education, or even the non-profit industries (to name a few), landline texting is an excellent marketing tool. You have a full audience of people in all demographics that want to learn how to improve or resolve something. Offering daily tips or text messages that provide solutions and answers is an ideal strategy to increase your opt-in rate.

A Not so Mere Mention

You know what people really love? Themselves. You would be surprised at how far a mere mention of them on your social media would go. While this method may not necessarily increase your list of subscribers in bulk all at once, it will grow your opt-ins over time. Publicly thanking someone from your existing list creates a high-level connection between your brand and one of your consumers.

Once you do that, you’ve not only locked in a loyal customer, you’ve also inadvertently created a brand ambassador.

This not so mere mention is structured to have this consumer share out your post on their social media pages where people they know are very likely to be your target demographic. Now their friends want to use your service or buy your products too so make sure the thank you copy includes a link where their friends can click to subscribe in exchange for an offer.

VIP List Invite

Who doesn’t want to be a very important person? Invite people to feel like their important to your brand by placing them on a special list. This is the list that will provide them with early access to view and buy new products, see previews, and engage with your brand earlier than the general public release.

Being invited to be a part of the “in crowd” is one of the easiest methods to entice your target audience to click and subscribe and then to keep them opted-in it’s up to you to send them attractive early bird giveaways.

Landline Texting Giveaway Takeaway

Make sure that when you’re crafting a giveaway offer that you’re not using the same one you use for your email or newsletter campaigns. Your consumers use different devices to view these mediums while texts are read on cell phones.

Those who subscribe to both your text messages and newsletters are the types of customers that not only become loyal to your brand but who also become the best brand ambassadors. You’ll see a more fruitful outcome if you’re using a variety of giveaway offers on the different streams. A tweet offering viewers to receive free daily tips for opting-in to your list may work well on Twitter, whereas an offer to receive a “how to” video may work to pull subscribers from Instagram.

Besides knowing the type of content to use when drawing in new opt-ins, be sure to keep them connected by being consistent, personalized, and considerate.

For more tips on how to increase your opt-in rate and grow your list of subscribers, contact us for a free trial of our landline texting platform.

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