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Landline Texting Ideas to Help with New Hires

Even the smallest businesses know that training new employees is imperative to the success of the company. The onboarding period is especially important and it’s those initial training weeks that help you filter out the long vs. short term employees.

As crucial as molding new employees to the company’s standards and culture, it’s astounding how often new employees are neglected. It’s usually due to how busy everyone is with the company’s daily operations or the lack of proper training tools to complete onboarding appropriately. The end result is low morale and mediocre work ethics.

We’ve just described the problem that many companies face with onboarding, and now we’re going to review how landing texting is helping recruiters and human resource departments with the solution.

Landline Texting Ideas to Help with New Hires

Sending Automated Onboarding Documents

With the Text My Main Number landline texting platform you have the ability to send automated templates to new staff members. During the first month of the training process, new hires have a ton of documents to review and fill out such as employment applications, contracts, handbooks, and company policies. You can use a landline texting platform to schedule sending templates for each category of documents. You can also schedule reminders for those new employees who have skipped completing any of the needed documents rather than allowing a manager to overlook it because they’re so busy with everything else.

Confirming Data and Credentials

After you’ve selected the right candidate to join your team, there are many tasks to follow. You have to set them up in your system, collect tax documents, set up their logins, and check their credentials. Employees start to copy and paste information over document by document which is quite time consuming all while they could be using some of that time to start training. If it’s a large company, there are also various department heads they need to meet with.

Trim down the amount of time it takes to step out of your office, find the employee, and confirm data that seems to be mismatched with other forms they’ve filled out by sending them a text message asking them to verify information. You can also utilize the landline texting platform to schedule and confirm appointments with the different departments they have to meet with.

Contact Lists

Once you’ve decided on who to hire, that new staff member will want to know who they report to and when to reach out to, which supervisor or manager. You can send a list of staff members with their listed roles via SMS using a landline texting platform. You can copy and paste the information from a saved document onto your online admin panel and click send. It’s just that easy!

Sending contact lists through a text also allows the recipient to import their new contacts to their smartphones. Each time the contact lists changes, you can simply update it on your saved document and then copy and paste it into a mass message to the entire staff.

Assigning Tasks and Reminders with landline texting

Starting a new job can be overwhelming to people because of all the new things they need to learn, remembering everyone’s name, understanding how to operate new systems, and meetings they have to attend. During this initial period is when most mistakes happen.

Use landline texting to send reminders about what needs to be done and by when. Assigning tasks to them via text so they can review as often as they need to and keep the messages friendly so that it’s just as personalized as an in-person interaction. Management will be grateful that things are getting done on time, and employees will be grateful of the direction your guidance is helping them with.

Surveys with landline texting

Ongoing improvement is what enhances any process in any company. To learn how management can improve the training process there’s only one group of people to ask. The trainees. Sure, you can invite them into your office to have a long meeting and ask them OR your can send them a survey that is scheduled to go out upon completion of their training period.

You can use the Text My Main Number automated templates feature to send surveys which is convenient and inspires individuals to provide true in-depth response about which areas of training can use improvement.

A Few Rules of Thumb:

The first letter in SMS stands for short.

Keep it short! Employees will be reading your landline texting messages through their cellphones, so anything longer than a couple of sentences goes in an email.

Don’t bombard new hires with text messages.

Sending a plethora of messages each day is not best practice. You’re looking to employ landline texting for convenience and not to overwhelm anyone.

A reply is not always required.

You’re trying to automate the onboarding process so it’s not necessary for new hires to reply to each text message they receive. If they miss out on anything or forget to submit any documents, you send a reminder later on.


Now that we’ve reviewed how landline texting can help onboard new staff members, don’t forget about your remote workers too. They’re not in the office to receive documents, in-person training, and attend meetings. However, just like technology has facilitated communication with SMS, there are other online tools for remote workers like web meetings and other virtual training tools.

Landline texting is changing business operations all over the world because of its efficiency and increased response rates. In terms of utilizing a text messaging platform for your hiring process, we hope this article shed some light on just how much easier you can make it. Move away from the ancient hiring processes and get on board with landline text by starting a free trial with Text My Main Number today!

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