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Key Features of Landline Texting Solution

  1. Text-enable landline number(s) to send/receive SMS and MMS

  2. Text-enable toll free number(s) to send/receive SMS and MMS

  3. Send single SMS/MMS

  4. Mass messaging

  5. Send SMS to group of people at a time

  6. Send SMS to many contacts at a time

  7. Chat like functionality for quick text discussion

  8. Desktop notification for each new text message

  9. Web based user panel to check, respond and manage received SMS/MMS to your landline number

  10. Easy to use and User friendly interface to manage text communication

  11. Contact management

  12. Contact grouping

  13. Import contacts

  14. Export contacts

  15. VCF Export

  16. Auto reply

  17. Scheduled reply

  18. Automated Reply for week-off/ holidays/ off office hours

  19. Integrated Text Response

  20. Automated appointment scheduling

  21. Message forwarding to another number

  22. Message forwarding to Email ID

  23. Multiple user support under main business account

  24. Multiple department support

  25. Customizable user profile

  26. Reports

  27. And many moreWould you like to see how these features of landline business messaging solution works? Book a free demo. Our executives will be glad to give your walkthrough of this amazing communication solution. You can book a demo by reaching us: Email: info@localhostPhone: 1.800.797.3167 Contact form:

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