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Is Direct Mail Dead in Marketing?

It's a question that has been asked since the first email was sent, and it's still relevant today: is direct mail dead? We've all seen companies trying to answer this question. Some of them say yes! And others say no. But there's more to the story than just those two options.

Is direct mail dead?

As a marketer, your job is to find ways to reach customers who are not online. This means you have to look beyond the standard channels of social media, email marketing and search engine optimization.

Many companies still rely on direct mail as a way of getting their message out there. Your own company may have used it in the past or might start using it in the future. Direct mail can be an effective way to reach people who don't use social media or email because they don't want businesses contacting them this way.

Most marketing is digital, but companies still use it.

While digital marketing is definitely the way of the future, that doesn't mean that direct mail is dead in marketing.

Think about it: you can watch a YouTube video every day and receive information from social media on a regular basis, but how often do you actually read an email or get snail mail?

Direct mail (i.e., "snail mail") is still effective because it's personal and people love getting letters in their mailbox. They know exactly who sent it to them—it's not just another advertisement printed on a piece of paper with no context. It's also more likely that they'll actually open an envelope if they know who sent it versus opening an unknown email attachment or clicking on some sponsored link online.

Multichannel Marketing is essential

Your marketing strategy should combine all the best channels to reach your audience. If you only use one channel, your marketing efforts will be ineffective. To create an effective multichannel strategy, you need to identify the most common ways your customers interact with your brand and then use multiple chann ls of communication across each point of contact. For example:

  • Customers who visit retail stores often receive email newsletters or direct mail offers that encourage them to come back into the store for a particular promotion or sale event.

  • Customers who follow social media accounts are notified when there are new products or promotions available through those channels as well as direct messaging services like Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages that keep them up-to-date about sales events at specific times throughout the year (e.g., Black Friday weekend).

  • Customers who visit online sites can view online coupons or promotions on their phone while they're browsing through product pages.[3],[4]


This article has shown you that direct mail is still a viable marketing channel. It’s not dead, and it won’t be going away any time soon. It can be a good way to reach people in the right situations. But it isn’t the same as it was in past decades, when marketers used cheap postage rates and in-house printing to send flyers across the country (if not world).

Nowadays, it requires more effort than ever before.

You need to make sure your message is personalized enough so that recipients feel like they're getting something special from you instead of just another piece of junk mail they toss out immediately after opening it up!

Don't ignore Direct Mail

While it’s true that direct mail is no longer a staple of many marketing campaigns, it’s not dead—and it certainly shouldn’t be ignored.

Direct mail still has a place in the world of advertising, and it's still effective. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), companies who use direct mail generate an average $3 for every dollar spent on their campaign. That's nearly double what they would make from digital channels like Facebook or Google Ads!


Direct mail is still a great way to reach your target customers. You can use it to create awareness, build trust and loyalty, or even sell products or services. If you're hesitant about using direct mail because it seems outdated, remember that many current companies use this strategy successfully. It's worth taking another look at whether it could work for your business as well! Need more marketing tips to grow your business? Be sure to check out other articles on the blog!

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