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Increase Sales on Instagram With Click to Text

How to Quickly Set Up Your Business Account on InstagramIf you’re looking to use Instagram for your business, you must open a business account instead of using your personal account. Bear in mind that marketing is mainly about the audience and not necessarily about you, so content like selfies and pics of your trip to Hawaii with your significant other should stay on your personal page. This type of content is not relevant to your customer base and surely won’t help you land any sales! As a matter of fact, “you” should barely even appear on your brand’s Instagram page, and perhaps even at all. Firstly, here is the rundown on how you can optimize your professional Instagram presence for better consumer appeal.

Embed a Click To Text Link to Boost Traffic to Your WebsiteOn Instagram, you only have one opportunity to direct leads to reach your website. Your Instagram bio area is the only place where your link will be clickable. You can insert a link to your site right underneath where you place your name and description (at the top). You should always include the link to your targeted landing page or your online store in this area.

How to use Click to Text on InstagramA couple of years ago, Instagram announced their new contact option for business pages that allow you to add your business phone number to invite followers to text your company directly. When an IG browser clicks the text button, whatever SMS app they’re using will automatically launch with your business phone number pre-loaded as the addressee. Astonishingly, not many businesses know about this feature let alone use it, despite the huge value it adds. There are many conceivable reasons why retailers haven’t added the click to text option to their Instagram business page:

  1. Their business phone number is not enabled to send and receive texts

  2. They feel that having an email or call button is way more effective

  3. They are not sure how to set it up

  4. They do not know what they should be texting customers about But all these objections can be solved easily. Here’s how: Enabling your business phone number to send and receive texts is quite simple and if you implement a solution like the Text My Main Number landline texting service that comes complete with innate features like multi-user functionality; you’re golden.

Texting is more effective than other channels  As a standalone message channel, texting has a much higher response rate than any other communication channel, in addition to higher open rates and conversions. Actually, businesses have reported a 328% increase in sales conversions when they use text messaging to nurture their relationships with prospects and customers. In other words, if customers favor texting you – let them.  

The bottom line of Click To Text on Instagram Ever since Instagram rolled out the new business tool to streamline the consumer experience and drive engagement with texting, more and more businesses enabled landline texting. Business Insta-accounts are using the “contact” button that allows followers to “text” your business’s phone number to cast a wider net of prospects. Now, anyone who dislikes using their phone to make calls (which is a lot of people), becomes a prospect you would’ve never landed before. According to the 2014 Harris Poll survey: “44% of consumers with texting capabilities would prefer to press a button to initiate a text conversation immediately.” The Instagram texting feature gives your potential customer a time-saving method to engage with your business without having to wait on long holds and provides you with the luxury of keeping the conversation going at a convenient time for your audience. For Instagram’s incredibly large audience of millennials & Generation Z’ers, text messaging is already ingrained in their routine every day. Providing them with the ability to text their favorite brands simply makes perfect sense.

What to do nextLaunch the Instagram app, click on the Contact button on your business’s profile page. Now, click the Text option, and you’ll see how it launches your SMS app with your pre-loaded business phone number. Now type a test message, send it to yourself, and voila! You see? It’s quite easy and fast! Again, it goes:

  1. Switch to a Business Profile (if you haven’t already)

  2. Click Edit Profile

  3. Choose Contact Options

  4. Select your phone number

  5. Under the area where it says “How would you like to be reached,” choose Click Text

The possibilities are endless Your customers want to text you, so the dialogs will come naturally. As soon as you add the text button and announce to your followers that you’ve added this convenient feature, you will start seeing an influx of messages coming in.    Here are some of the reasons why customers might engage with your online business via text:

  1. They want to know about the availability of a product

  2. They want to check sizes, styles, and colors of particular items

  3. Inquire about store hours

  4. Ask questions about the type of material, ingredients or other options for an item

  5. They’re looking for the direct link to a product they saw in one of your posts

  6. They want to provide feedback about their customer experienceText messaging gives your potential and existing customers a fast and easy way to engage with your business. Provide your target audience on Instagram with the ease of reaching you at their own time by enabling your business phone to receive and send text messages with Text My Main Number.

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