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How To Text Enable Your Landline Number? Step By Step Guide

  1. Search for landline texting service provider in your area. Please be noted, we, Text My Main Number, are one of the known landline texting service providers in the USA.

  2. Once you get the service provider, check the available packages and rates of landline texting service

  3. Select the package which best fits your need

  4. Subscribe to the package

  5. Complete the formality

  6. And you are ready to use the benefits of landline texting solution Yes, it is as easy as buying grocery from an online store. Just select the package, subscribe for it and within 24-48 hours your landline will be enable to send and receive text messages (SMS) and MMS. If you have any questions, please contact us, we would be happy to answer your queries. You can also have a free demo of this stated communication tool for free. You can reach us at below contact details: Email: info@localhostPhone: 1.800.797.3167 Contact form:

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