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How to Tell Your Boss You’ve Found a Business Texting Solution

  1. Find detailed information on how much time and money a business texting solution will save the company.

  2. Help management visualize the number of hours that will be saved per week not having to play phone tag with your customers.

  3. Demonstrate how much more revenue the company will make by reaching customers faster.

  4. Design a list of pros and cons to show your boss that is comprised of reasons a business texting solution makes sense for the company. For example, text messaging is broadly used and since that’s true, perhaps your boss will immediately agree since they probably use text messaging more than any other form of communication too.

  5. Remind management how many times customer inquiries are missed when anyone is out of the office or after hours. Use this as an opportunity to mention that the Text My Main Number team also designed a mobile app so that communication with customers can continue on the go at any hour of the day. If landline texting is something that management is not very familiar with, you could also provide some literature they can look through. Get feedback from the staff Do your coworkers agree that a business texting solution will be a useful tool for daily operations? In the end, business texting tools will be an advantage for everyone, so if the staff is not on board with the idea, demonstrate to them how it will make their day-to-day easier. When speaking to management, your case will now be better supported even more because the staff will be on board with the idea of implementing a business texting solution. To open up management’s eyes even more, it’s important that you have some examples handy of why the current communication method needs an upgrade. You may want to remind them how many times the team gets interrupted during the day due to customers calling with questions about basic items like business hours or directions. Then you would follow the statement with a solution to that like sharing that Text My Main Number has features that would send the customer a text message with a link that contains directions. If the business offers appointments, you can tell management that a business texting solution would allow you to schedule, confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments via text messaging and that will cut out a lot of down time. How to present it to your boss Now that you’ve gathered all of the statistics and laid out the pros and cons, it’s time to bring all of your data and the team’s feedback to your boss. Think about how your boss prefers information be presented to them. Are they the PowerPoint type? Do they prefer a quick conversation first, and then detailed information to follow? Whatever the case may be, put everything into perspective before you present them with the idea of approving a business texting solution. This should go without mention, but just in case – make sure you’re talking to your boss at the appropriate time. If the staff is working on some big project that’s consuming everyone’s time and energy, this isn’t the ideal time to bring anything new up. You want management to be free of distractions when you’re pitching an idea to them. When gathering your case details, start with the problems you and the staff feel need an immediate resolution. What challenges is the staff facing each day? What have customers been complaining about? What do all these challenges mean for the company? Be ready for possible pushback. You’re not going to be able to guess each hesitation point on their behalf, but the Text My Main Number team has a few common interjections to help prepare you:

  6. Our customers don’t text. Ahhhh, we beg to differ. Recent studies prove that customers of all generations actually prefer if businesses text them.

  7. We’re doing just fine with emails and phone calls. Emails and phone calls have become so overused that most people ignore them, making it more difficult to engage with customers.

  8. We don’t have time to train the staff. If you choose the Text My Main Number landline texting platform with an easy-to-use GUI admin panel, training will be minimal. Plus, the Text My Main Number offers a personalized training to help get you started immediately.

  9. We have too many other things to focus on right now. Here’s where you present the business texting solution from the customer’s angle: If your business isn’t currently meeting customer needs, they will go elsewhere. Text messaging builds a closer connection with customers, and it’s their preferred medium for communication.

  10. We’re over our spending budget. That’s why you came prepared with how much time and money a business texting solution will save for the business. Paying for a landline texting service will show its worth in long-term savings, just show management how! Pull up the Text My Main Number website and scroll down the homepage to our customer’s testimonials to demonstrate how a landline texting platform has lowered costs and improved customer satisfaction ratings for other businesses. The more examples you bring to the table that proves ROI, the better. Finally, highlight the urgency. Yes, you could revisit deploying a business texting solution at a later time, but the competition is beating you so it’s time to catch up to them. Show management how other companies in your industry are using landline texting and how it’s benefiting them. Looking to prove to your boss how beneficial a business texting solution will be for the company? Get started with the Text My Main Number trial today and then demonstrate to management just how easy it is to use.

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