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How to Increase Sales Leads with an SMS Business Texting Service

If you work in sales, you’re probably constantly looking for a better strategy to convert more leads into customers. An inbound strategy is usually more successful (and enjoyable) than outbound methods. But, how do you draw more people in?

The Text My Main Number team would like to teach you how to successfully generate more sales leads with inbound communication by using an SMS business texting service. SMS texting is a highly effective communication channel that is easy to implement when you’re looking to increase sales conversions.

Why do businesses need more leads?

Most sales reps think “more leads = more sales,” but do they actually know why?

Well, we do. More prospects and leads means that you can maintain the same ratios while closing more accounts. That will lead to increasing revenue for your organization or business.

If you use the Text My Main Number SMS business texting service to generate inbound leads, then you’ll be applying a method that not only increases revenue but also helps you save on your marketing budget. In other words, you’ll be boosting profits and scaling up in a more effective manner.

Most Effective Ways to Use SMS Business Texting to Generate More Leads

1. Adwords extensions

The most known platform for ads is Google’s Adwords, which are the ads you see when you’re Googling terms online.

The Adwords extensions allow you to insert a call-to-action that will only be seen by mobile users so that they can directly text your business phone number by clicking on the ad.

Most readers would much rather send your business a text than navigate through your website to find answers. In which case you can include a prompt on your ad inviting viewers to “Send us a text for a coupon code!” Once they’ve sent you a text, you can use your Text My Main Number SMS business texting service to reply and ask them if they have any questions you can assist with.

2. Keyword signups

Keyword signups is when people text a word to you in order to opt in to receive messages from your business. In other words, it’s a subscriber list.

You’ve probably seen opt in invitations such as:

  1. Schools (“Text UPDATES for school updates”)

  2. Boutiques (“Text DESIGN for exclusive discounts”)

  3. Entertainment (“Text TIX to get a free ticket to our show”)

  4. And more

There is a plethora of ways to use keywords to increase your sales leads and list of subscribers from your marketing channels like print ads, social media pages, and your website.

3. Google business listing messages

You can create a Google My Business listing for your company at no cost so that you can show up on search results. Once your business is listed, viewers will be able to send you a message directly from the listing.

4. SMS chat

One of the best ways to answer your audience’s questions is through a live chat feature on your website. Answering your prospective customer’s questions instantly increases your chances of landing a sale.

SMS chat is easy. People just have to enter their phone number and their message to you in the chat widget, and then the message will populate on your dashboard. You can then reply to them and it will deliver your response as a text message on their cell phone. This form of communication is not only instant, but it prevents them from having to be glued to your website trying to find answers.

5. Website text link

You can hyperlink your copy (words) to create a text link that will open up a targeted page when clicked on. You can also use text links with SMS. You simply link the text to a call-to-action like “Send us a text to get more information about this product” and it will allow the reader to send a text through their mobile device. You can use this feature to hyperlink words all throughout your website and blog articles.

6. Embed buttons on your website

Embedding buttons is similar to hyperlinking words, except that you’re able to create a button named “Click-to-Text” instead of just linking text. You can then place the button anywhere you’d like on your website. Some excellent choices would be to place this button on each product page, the homepage, and the contact us page.

You should customize your embedded buttons with different font, colors, and then program it to track clicks so you can analyze how effective it is when reading click stats on your website.

7. Floating text button on your website

Have you ever visited a website and there is a floating box asking you to enter your email to subscribe and get a coupon code? Great way to build your subscriber list! Even better? A floating text button that allows mobile users to send you a message when they hover over the “Click-to-text” button.

8. Instagram contact

Instagram is an awesome platform for business owners. It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing channels which is why many brands promote their products or services via Instagram ads.

You can use SMS business texting on Instagram and easily turn your followers into sales leads. Instagram now allows you to include a “Text” button on your ads instead of including a “Buy Now” or “Learn More” button.

How to Get Started with Text My Main Number SMS Business Texting

For Text My Main Number customers, any one of our suggested tactics listed above to increase sales leads should boost revenue. Feel free to contact us if you want us to suggest which method would best suit your business, or if you have any questions. If you’re not a Text My Main Number customer just yet but would like to get started, you can sign up for our free trial and give SMS business texting a go!

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