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How Small Businesses Increased Business Revenue With SMS To Landline Solution?

  1. 95% text messages are viewed within the first few minutes of receipt in the USA

  2. 80% consumers prefer to text for support than calling or sending emails

  3. 99% open rate registered for text messages The reason of popularity of texting is due to the fact that SMS functionality is available with each mobile phone and they don’t need to install any applications or plugins. The customers can leverage the flexibility and convenience of texting. This ensures to nurture leads and gain repeat and referral business. The SMS to Landline service further offers a range of features which makes communication easier.  Below is the list of key utilities of Landline texting service:

  4. Send group messages

  5. Do text chat with customer, staff or vendors

  6. Send reminders, notifications and alerts

  7. Collect customer feedback

  8. Send group messages

  9. Manage contacts, messages, etc.

  10. Set automated reply to send an acknowledgment

  11. Schedule SMS or MMS for a future date to send it automatically on predefined mode

  12. And more Text My Main Number is #1 landline texting service provider in the USA which offers free support along with many other customer friendly policies. We offer a 30 day free trial. To get your free trial, contact us.

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