How Schools Bridges Communication Gap Using Landline Texting Solution?

  1. Send bulk message to all parents, students and staff members for any emergency announcement

  2. Send group message to a specific group of people. For example, sending a message to the parents of high school students about upcoming exam schedule

  3. Send schedule message on a specific time interval. For example, sending a reminder SMS about upcoming parents meeting before 24 hours.

  4. Using ITR (Integrated Text Response) to automate answering frequently asked questions such as location of the school or the time table of the exam.

  5. Receiving an SMS To School Landline for utilizing main number for both, calling and messaging. This way it gives a flexible way of communication to both, schools and parents. The parents can send an SMS and school executive also don’t need to stay on top of the phone. There are many more benefits a school may leverage by using the landline messaging service for school. If you want to experience this communication solution for free, subscribe for a free trial of 30 days worth 195 USD, by filling in this simple form which says you are allowing us to give you the free trial of the Landline Texting solution by enabling your landline number for texting This is a very easy to subscribe service based on an affordable monthly package. You may review the package here: If you have any questions, you can reach us by dropping a line to info@localhost

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