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How Landline Texting Service Work? Working Model of Landline Texting Solution

  1.  How can anyone send a message to a landline number?

  2. Where can I read this SMS sent to my landline number?

  3. How to respond this message sent over a landline number? No need to get panic or anxious. This article will answer all these questions by giving a step by step guide and explanation of how the landline texting service works. So here we go: Once you text enable your landline number, you are ready to use all features of this powerful and one of the most convenient communication tools. If you have a question of how to text enable your landline? Please refer our one of the landline texting educational Blog here Your customers, staff, vendors and anyone around the globe can send an SMS to your landline number in a same way; he or she would send an SMS to any other mobile phone. To make it even clearer, below are the steps for better understanding:

  4. Anyone who wants to Text to your landline will go to compose SMS utility of mobile

  5. He/she will compose the message

  6. In the number field, he/she will write your landline number

  7. Click “send” Once the message is sent to your landline number, it will be received over a user portal. You will also get a notification for each received SMS.

  8. You can read and reply the SMS from the web user panel of Landline Texting Solution in the same way you answer chat message on Facebook. Below are the steps for better understanding:

  9. Open Landline texting solution user panel

  10. Click on reply to the message you have just received (you can also reply to old messages and even can send a new text message from this panel)

  11. Click Send The sent message will be received on the mobile of the person In a nutshell, it is as simple as texting from one mobile phone to another and responding back. The only difference is, here, you are performing texting between a mobile phone number and a landline number. If you still have any question related to landline texting solution or its working model, feel free to ask us. We would be happy to answer your each question. You can also get a free demo of this amazing business messaging solution. Just drop us a line to info@localhost or call us at 1.800.797.3167

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