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Guide to Mobile Marketing for Hotels

Mini Guide to Mobile Marketing for Hotels

1. Mobile Marketing on Social Media Social media must play a central role in your marketing approach. If you’re still thinking that social media marketing is a bonus, then you’re most certainly lagging. When used correctly, social media will drive your traffic and increase your sales. Now it’s time for you to forget about Millennials and start thinking about Generation Z. Why? It’s simple. Gen Z is the future and that future is here and now. Gen Z are the most tech-savvy individuals because they started browsing online at a young age and are the most comfortable with technology. Contemplate the following formula for your social media posts:

  1. Tell your brand’s story on Facebook

  2. Listen on Twitter

  3. Produce art on Instagram

  4. Spice it up on Pinterest If you use this plan as a rule of thumb for your social media posts, you’re creating an actionable strategy to drive traffic significantly.

2. Produce Travel Content That is Mobile-Friendly When you build a website, it’s imperative that you keep the design of the mobile version in mind too. Your prospects and customers spend most of their free time on their phones, and mostly everyone does their research for just about anything directly from their mobile phones. So, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because that’s how most of your visitors will look you up. The mobile version of your website produces a better user experience, and in turn, a more satisfied prospect or customer. Additionally, if your website does not have a mobile version it’s going to have a much lower ranking on search engines. It doesn’t matter if you have the best content ever and excellent SEO in place, because not having a mobile version of your website will harmfully affect your ranking. Period.

3. Strengthen SEO Locally The hotel industry is facing massive competition and has to put forth extra effort to stay on top. Traditionally, small businesses were using local SEO to improve their local ranking. Currently, now we see that hotels are also using local SEO for more operative ranking with the search engines. Whether you’re a part of a big chain of hotels or you’re a small boutique hotel, you’ll need and want to improve your local SEO. These are the advantages of local SEO: Since the hotel business is the most competitive and customer-centric, you’ll want to make sure that you show a dynamic presence in all local directories. By including accurate data in your citations and a Google Maps feature, you’re assuring that your potential customers will find you effortlessly.

4. SMS Marketing According to the most recent SMS marketing trends reports, this platform is a must-have for any business, especially since it’s so customer-centric. Generally, the best communication channel for the hospitality industry is text messaging. Since hotels are the largest part of that hospitality sector, it makes sense that executing a business texting solution for customer support and marketing is their next big transformation. Here’s why SMS is the best business texting solution for hotels:  Send messages to confirm reservations: When the person makes a booking, you want to text them the details of the booking. The main idea is to make the user experience more enjoyable. Send them all the necessary information via email, so that they have everything under their hands. Send notifications via text message, once the customer arrives: Once your guests arrive, you can use SMS services to send messages regarding important information about the hotel. For example, you can text them the Wi-Fi password, the working hours of your hotel’s staff, restaurants and gym. Send updates, reminders, and announcements: Consider using text messages to send your customers reminders about their reservations to any of the onsite amenities or notifications to confirm a SPA treatment they’ve reserved. You can also use SMS to update your clients about unexpected changes regarding their reservations. Text special offers and how to claim them: SMS services are most commonly used for promotions. Send your current guests a coupon code for a visit to the gym, the SPA center, or a discount code for the onsite restaurant.

Text My Main Number – the Game Changer for your SMS Marketing The current SMS marketing trends demonstrate how effective a business texting solution is for many businesses. But you must choose carefully who your SMS service provider is if you want to have a powerful business texting solution strategy.  Text My Main Number will be the real game changer for the hospitality industry. Text My Main Number is sure to rank as a high performing service provider because our team offers:

  1. Mass texting

  2. Message scheduling

  3. Automatic replies

  4. Analytic reports

  5. and most notably, it’s secure and confidential. According to client testimonials, Text My Main Number provides the best business texting solution, an easy-to-use GUI interface, and delivers great value at an affordable price. Text My Main Number has competitive features that other services alike do not offer. For example, we are one of the few companies that provides the ability to send template forms while on a live call. Also, to assist you with humanizing text messages to your audience, we provide you with the ability to insert emojis to add personality. And last but not least, you can access your Text My Main Number account directly from any mobile device if you don’t have access to a computer at any given moment. Embrace the power of SMS mobile marketing for hotels with Text My Main Number by starting our free trial now!

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