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Five Little Marketing Tricks to Landline Texting

Five Little Marketing Tricks to Send Landline Texting

1. Using Landline Texting to Boost Engagement Each year, smartphones are increasingly becoming the most used device. In fact, in the past several years the number of people who own mobile devices has doubled. According to Statista this number will surpass five billion by 2019, allowing businesses to have access to the most used device to communicate with their audience. Do you have any idea how many times a day people touch their smartphone throughout the day? Research shows that on average people touch their mobile device 2,617 times each day. That may come as a surprise to you, but a nice surprise it is in terms of marketing to these users by knowing how to use landline texting for direct communication. If you try reaching your customers or prospects by phone or email, you have a reduced chance that they will get your message. However, based on these numbers text message marketing increases your opportunity to get your message seen.

2. Offer Limited Discounts One of the biggest marketing mistakes that companies make is offering everyone the same deals. If you have a text message marketing list, you can offer EXCLUSIVE discounts to those who are subscribed. Use your landline texting services to promote a deal that no one else can take advantage of. This will help your customers and prospects feel like they’re part of your VIP club because you’re making them feel special. The key to making this tactic work is by keeping your discount limited to this particular contact list only, and not use it on any other marketing channel. Also, you don’t want to utilize the same discount offer later on because then it’s not so unique to your “VIPs.” They may end up opting out of your text messaging subscribers list since they might as well wait to see the offer on your other channels later on.

3. Exclusive Information Another way to help your subscribers feel exclusive is by sending out insider information to them that no one else has access to. Perhaps you have an upcoming event that the public is not privy to yet, and you would like to send behind the scenes images and data about your upcoming event to your subscribers that will excite them. Again, this is information that you don’t want to offer anyone other than your text messaging contact list. This will encourage them to stay subscribed as they await your next exclusive message via text. You can also offer pre-sales to this targeted list before you make it available to the rest of your prospects and customers.

4. Contests Get the public excited about your brand by running a contest using landline texting services. You would announce that they are to send a keyword to a specific number to submit their entry to the contest. Not only is this a great way to utilize text messaging for marketing but it’s also a lowkey way to build a list of contacts and increase your subscribers list. You can encourage people to enter the contest by offering a smaller prize, like a coupon, simply for submitting their entry. However, make sure that the final prize is big enough to inspire people to participate and tell their friends about this awesome contest!

5. Surveys What is your favorite food? Many studies have confirmed how resourceful asking a question is in marketing campaigns. The human brain is unsurprisingly wired to respond within seconds of being asked a question. Test it. Ask someone you know a simple question and then keep track of how quickly they answer. So long as they’re not inebriated, chances are they’ll answer within seconds. Keep that in mind when structuring your surveys so that you can text your subscribers’ questions that are not only fun (like a trivia questions) but also a question that is tactical. You want the response to your survey questions to help you understand which of your products or services is selling best. For example, when we asked you what your favorite food was above, you probably started to think of the response immediately. If you were hosting a restaurant opening event and this was one of the survey questions you texted to your customers and prospects, you would know which food to serve the most of at your event based on responses. Many companies feel that they’ve exhausted all marketing channels and are looking for a new way to connect with consumers. Mobile marketing is now the new wave for business owners who are looking for an innovative way to boost sales and increase customer engagement. While digital marketing has recently been a favorite in terms of marketing methods, text message marketing is proving to be one of the more forward forms of directly connecting with the public. Probably because of the impressive 2,000 plus times a day people touch their smartphones. Get on board for 2019, and make sure to include landline texting marketing methods in your growth plan.

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