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Find Out Why Every Industry Has Turned to SMS Business Texting

It’s become extremely difficult for brands to stand out amongst their competitors because every channel has either burned its bridges or is so oversaturated in promotional ads that people have become accustomed to just scroll right past them or click to close out advertisement from their screens. If this sounds familiar to you, and you’re struggling to grab your consumer’s attention, read on (Business Texting).

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, gaining and retaining customers is and always will be the focal point for all companies. While consumers are over email marketing and promo ads, the one channel they’re not ever going to stop using all day, every day, is texting.

Business texting is being implemented across all industries because it has improved productivity and enhanced communication with consumers. Think about what you access more each day. Do you read and reply to text messages more than you check your email or social media profiles each day? Yes, you do and so does nearly everyone in the country.

If you haven’t text-enabled your business phone number to receive and send SMS it’s time you do, and the remainder of this post is aimed towards helping you understand why every industry is deploying business texting.

SMS Business Texting for Promotions

No other communication channel can guarantee a read rate of 99% like business texting can and with the service being so cost-effective, it’s quite an appealing platform to promote sales.

If you’re running a limited time promotion, the best marketing method would be SMS because messages will be read within minutes of being received. Half of those messages will be opened within 6 hours and traffic to your website will start increasing.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

All experienced marketers know the “rule of seven” which states that you must reach your target audience by marketing to them through multiple channels using a variety of methods. That’s the only way you’ll convert a lead to a customer.

What’s up for debate is how many connections it takes for a sales conversion. What is crystal clear is that you must integrate your marketing campaign tactics and business texting is an effective marketing tool to add to your funnel. Not only can you combine your text messaging with emails, but by doing so you’re allowing your audience to engage with your brand on multiple communication channels. In time, you’ll be able to pull reports that demonstrate which channel your consumers prefer.

Order Placing

You’ve probably noticed by now how a lot of companies allow you to download their mobile app to process orders like Dunkin Donuts for example, but other companies like Domino’s Pizza, make it even easier by allowing you to use business texting to place orders. So instead of having to open a profile on the app, fill out a bunch of forms, and more time-consuming processes, you can quickly send a text message to simplify your order placing.

SMS Product/Service Launches

SMS business texting is an excellent platform to sue when you’re looking to launch a new product or service. You can count on:

  1. Open rates that beat any other channel

  2. Sending links to your website or app

  3. Connecting with consumers on a personal level

Of course, you would only be able to promote your product launch to an existing list of subscribers who have opted in to receive text messages. It’s still an excellent way to launch a product/service and if you need to pay to gain access to a third-party list of consumers who have opted in to receive offers, even better.

SMS Appointment Reminders

One of the biggest problems that many offices face is no call/no shows. If you have a medical practice, insurance agency, legal practice, or offer any type of professional service, it would be convenient to have a business texting platform that can send appointment reminders. An SMS platform allows people to reply to confirm, change, or cancel their appointments.

Business Texting Updates/Notifications

You can use a business texting service to send customers order updates in addition to service updates. For example, a service professional who has an HVAC service company would be able to notify their customers when their technician is on the way. Or say you own a pest control company and you have the ability to complete a treatment when the customer is not home, you can send a text to notify the customer that the service has been completed. Not to mention, you can even send MMS to show them how the job looks via picture or video!

SMS Customer Service with Business Texting

Think about yourself as a customer. Do you want to communicate with a brand instantly or do you want to send an email and await a response? Better yet, do you want to call by phone and spend a long time waiting on hold? No, you don’t. Customer want speedy service when they’re interested in a product or service but have some questions they need answered. You can have your sales team logging into the business texting admin panel all day to answer potential and existing customer inquiries. They can instantly:

  1. Get answers to their product or service inquiries

  2. Get pricing information

  3. Order status

  4. Request information on returns and refunds

  5. Tracking information

  6. Schedule a consult

  7. Receive links to forms

  8. Provide feedback

…and that’s just to name a few

While we only scratched the surface of the benefits of SMS business texting in this article, we hope we shed light to how effective this communication channel is. If you’re looking to improve your daily operations, increase your lead conversions, improve customer service, and help your brand stand out above your competitors, we strongly suggest that you at least sign up for a free trial to give it a test run. Go back up to the top of this article and then skim through the main points because we are certain you will find that business texting has components that will only enhance your business plan.

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