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Exploring Landline Texting for Evites

Start using the # 1 communication tool to send and manage evites for your next event. Landline Texting for Evites has the highest open rate and providing invitees with the ability to autoreply is sure to increase attendance.

While it’s true that many industries have taken advantage of the benefits of SMS marketing, one industry that is finding landline texting to be useful for more than just advertising is the events industry.

Having the ability tocommunicate with your target audience via text messaging increases the possibilities of receiving a response to an invitation for an event. Even if you’re not in the events industry, chances are that your business will host an event sooner or later. Using business texting to send out the invitations will still work better towards increasing attendance than email or snail mail.

For example, restaurants can use a business texting platform to send out invitations to special events like when they want to alert their customers about a new themed night.

“Hi Michael! We’re hosting our very first karaoke night at Bob’s Steakhouse this Thursday, and we’d love to have you attend. Just reply with SINGMEIN to be added to our guestlist!”

Or, you can go a step further and include a link when your event requires that a ticket be purchased.

“Good evening Mrs. Horowitz. Tickets for this year’s annual Valentine’s dance school fundraiser are now available. Click on this link to purchase your tickets before the early bird special is over on February 1st.”

When you use the Text My Main Number text messaging platform, you’ll have the ability to manage communication on an easy-to-use web-based user panel. Making it easier to manage your guestlist and keep accurate count of attendance.

Sending Evites through SMS

When you’re trying to increase attendance for an event and you know that most of the population owns smartphones, it’s quite simple to decide which form of communication to use to send out invitations. Especially when text messages have an impressive open rate of 98%. I think it’s safe to say that you can pretty much guarantee that your invite will be read.

Exploring Landline Texting for Evites

There are so many text messaging platforms out there and choosing the right company to go with can become overwhelming. Before you end up down the rabbit hole that is Google, here are some of the features and tools you’ll want your landline texting provider to offer:

Cost Effectiveness: It doesn’t make sense to start using text messaging to send and manage evites if it’s just going to be an added expense. If you’re going to add this communication tool to your event planning duties, then you’ll want it to make financial sense. Choose a text messaging provider like Text My Main Number that will not break the bank.

Customization: Ensure that the provider you choose has a web-based user panel that is easy to use, and easy to customize to your needs. You’ll want it to have the ability to create lists and schedule messages. Text blasts are only as good as you can customize them to meet your target audience’s preferences (i.e. specific days, times, and text categories) in order to retain your opt-in rate.

Features: When sending evites using a text messaging platform you’ll want to add a human touch and use featuressuch as emojis, MMS, auto reply, and perhaps even a chat widget to enable instant conversations for anyone who may have questions about the event.

Customer Support: Ensure that the provider you choose offers customer support to assist you with your campaigns and answer any questions you may have about how to use their landline texting platform efficiently. Companies like Text My Main Number who offer free training are ideal because the first teach you how to use all the key features and the admin panel from the very start.

Free Text Messaging Trial

Before you decide what platform to use to send out evites for your next event, you should consider a landline texting provider that offers a free trial to test run your campaign. During this time, take advantage of also testing the level of customer support you’ll receive to make sure you’ve chosen a provider that will be reliable when you need assistance.

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