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Double Your Mobile Sales with Landline Texting

Use Landline Texting to Engage CustomersLandline texting is one of the most powerful communication tools for businesses and it not only improves engagement but also drives sales. If you follow the Text My Main Number blog, you’ve learned by now that SMS has an impressive 98% open-rate which means that text messages are the most opened platform out of all other digital marketing channels. That’s why many businesses are using different methods to engage customers via text messages. Landline texting provides you with the opportunity to include URLs within the text, like a “click here” to buy now, which is an excellent way to instantly transport prospects and customers to your mobile store. Here are some other landline texting marketing ideas you can use in your campaigns to increase sales:

  1. Send text messages with reminders like “last day/chance to buy.”

  2. Extend a promotional offer that is only available to purchase directly from a mobile phone.

  3. Offer “limited time only” coupons via text.

  4. Create a pre-sale offer of new products or services.

The Power of Social MediaSocial Media is massive, and it just continues to grow. Take a moment and really process this data from a Global Digital Report performed in 2018:

  1. Last year, the number of global internet users was 4.021 billion.

  2. The number of global social media users was 3.196 billion.

  3. The number of mobile phone users was a whopping 5.135 billion.The bottom line is that leveraging the power of social media will in fact help you grow your online business sales. When it comes to strategizing your mobile sales, it’s crucial that you understand that the main target is not sales itself. It’s more effective if you focus on building a trustworthy connection with your followers and enhance the image of your brand. To be successful with your social media campaigns, you’ll need to develop a solid strategy and stick to it. Consistency is key with your postings when you’re looking to connect with your current and potential customers while establishing your digital presence.

Make Your Website Mobile-FriendlyIn this innovative era of technology we are living in, having a mobile-friendly website is essential. It’s imperative that you develop an optimized mobile website that is not only user-friendly but that also has an attractive interface. Providing an appealing user experience will help you boost your mobile sales in various ways. Primarily, the website bounce rate and cart abandonment rate will surely decrease because people that enjoy navigating your website are less likely to interrupt their shopping progression. Secondly, when you use other mobile platforms (such as SMS or social media) to increase traffic to your website, you must have a suitably designed and functional website. Otherwise, you run the risk of your potential customers jumping over to another website because they won’t be motivated to continue shopping, despite your landline texting marketing efforts. Having a mobile-friendly website should be your number one priority if you’re looking to increase your mobile sales.

Include CTAs in Your Mobile Marketing CampaignsIf you have a great mobile-friendly website and an amazing product, yet your sales numbers are still low, then including CTAs is exactly what you need. CTA otherwise known as a call-to-action is a strategic marketing technique that urges your audience to respond. A clear and effective CTA will help you increase your sales in no time. CTAs are typically a short phrase such as “buy now” or “get a free gift” that includes an embedded URL to a specific product page or landing page. Include CTAs in your social media and SMS marketing campaigns to boost traffic and your mobile sales. As a matter of fact, CTAs are also great to include in mass text messaging because of the large response and open-rates that exists with text messages. Basically, what we’re saying is that people are very likely to see your text and tap on the CTA. As far as social media goes, the “swipe up” function on Instagram is yet another effective way to create a CTA for profiles that have a minimum of 10,000 followers.

Digital Coupon OffersAll consumers love discounts and exclusive offers. The advancement of technology has revolutionized the use of coupons and landline texting has made it simpler to offer them to the billions of people using tablets and smartphones. Here’s how coupons work: you send a promotional deal to your customers that includes a promo code that they can use either on or offline. The power is in your hands as far as how the coupon code could be used. Use SMS and social media marketing to share discount codes that are only to be used on mobile sales. You can use some of the following suggested coupon code strategies:

  1. Enjoy a free gift from us

  2. Receive free shipping

  3. Get a bonus discount

  4. Limited time offer (to generate a sense of urgency)

  5. Buy one get one freeWhen you construct your coupon marketing strategy, don’t forget to consider your target audience and their preferences to design the type of offer that would appeal to them. Additionally, you can’t forget that if you use mass text messaging, it’s important to determine the best time of day to send your messages.

Analyze & Improve Your StrategyHaving a solid strategy along with a nicely promoted campaign may not always be enough to achieve success. Your main goal is to drive sales, so if you’re not getting the results you want, then it’s time to change your strategy. It’s very important to look at the statistics and data from time to time to truly analyze results. You’ll want to know what’s working well and what isn’t so you can detect the correlation between the two. You might wind up using only one platform or you can also design a strategy that encompasses several platforms. The best outcomes aren’t always achieved overnight but the results that stick are usually due to long and hard work. So, if you’re wondering how to increase mobile sales for your online store then put these tips from Text My Main Number into effect. Also, sign up to try landline texting for free so you can experience the benefits of text message marketing!

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