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Creative Ways to Tell Your Customers They Can Use Landline Texting to Contact You

  1. Your customers know that they now have the option to text you

  2. You can educate your audience about how and why they can text you Text My Main Number has compiled some out-of-the box and creative examples of how businesses are promoting their landline texting capabilities with their customers.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Customers They Can Use Landline Texting to Contact You

FlyersFlyers may be the most comprehensive form of marketing and educating your clients about text messaging with your business. You can create a graphically attractive and fun flyer where you ensure that the wording on the flyer shares the true value of texting. You will want to highlight the convenience in the speed of texting and add a line that states that your team will respond to their text messages in two hours or less. Guaranteeing such a speedy response time will prove to your customers how much you value their time and needs.

MagnetsMagnets are one of the more innovative ways that Text My Main Number clients could utilize to advertise their text-to-landline capability. Since the dawn of time, magnets have been a great marketing collateral because each time a person grabs something from their refrigerator, they will be reminded that they can quickly text an inquiry to your business landline or VoIP phone number.  

Facebook Let’s face it. Nowadays, the easiest way to spread any type of news is on social media. Advertising on Facebook that your audience can now text your business phone number is most probably one of the easiest ways to share the big news. Facebook posts will reach a really large audience, and if your customers share out the post it will multiply your reach. You can also share the news on different Facebook networks, profiles, and groups.

TwitterTwitter is another excellent way to share your message with a large audience at once. When you socialize your texting abilities, you will also open a path to social amplification. The more likes your post receives and the more retweets you get, the more people will see your new fascinating offer.

Holiday CardsA lot of businesses send out holiday cards to their customers each year, and now that you have the Text My Main Number landline texting service you can highlight your exciting news. What you would do is state that now they can “text or call” your business landline or VoIP phone number which will let your customers know that they now have two ways to reach you. This friendly and enjoyable approach will come across way less intrusive and seem more personal than typical advertising.

Email SignaturesCustomers often refer back to emails when searching for your contact information (if it’s not already saved on their phone), especially during an emergency. So say you’re one of the insurance companies with landline texting capabilities and your customer quickly needs a copy of their insurance cards. If you have clear instructions on your email signature line that states which keywords clients should text when they’re in need of a copy of their policy or insurance cards, they will remember to go back to the signature line of their most recent email from you to follow those instructions. This will also help your business prioritize and organize the text messages you receive. Email signatures guarantee visibility because your audience will see this reminder each time they communicate with your business via email.  

Instagram Educating your clients about text messaging is way easier when you text enable your existing landline or VoIP business phone number. On your Instagram business profile, you can edit your settings so that it has an option for your followers to text your company. Then you would publish a post that would notify consumers about your new ease-of-communication. Now your clients can reach out to you via text on your branded business phone number by tapping the “text” button. What an excellent example of customer service!

Front Desk SignageThis is a no-brainer form of advertising for(maybe add.. any brick and border business) such as hotels with landline texting capabilities because your message will be seen by everyone who comes across the front desk! Every guest who walks through your hotel doors will see this message, clear and bold.

Product LabelsPharmacies who use landline texting services can really leverage from advertising their new method of communication. You can get creative and let patients know that they can now text your pharmacy by adding a line on labels that says, “call or text” and then include your business phone number. Now, each time someone goes to take their medication, they’ll be reminded of your text-enabled customer service option for faster responses.

Email NewslettersSchools happen to be one of the institutions who mostly send out newsletters to parents and staff. A brilliant way for schools who use landline texting  to advertise their two-way messaging capabilities is to incorporate an example of texting in one of their email newsletters. This is probably the best way to notify a large audience at once about your new text messaging service. When you include graphics with an example of a text message conversation within the email newsletter, you’re allowing people to easily visualize what the experience will be like.

Parking Lot SignageMedical facilities usually have a good-sized parking lot in place for patients to park their vehicles. Placing parking lot signage that states that people can “call or text” your practice or hospital is a sure way to advertise your two-way texting capability. If you place signs throughout the parking lot, there’s no way for them to miss it! We hope these examples give you some innovative ideas on how to educate your customers about the option and benefit of texting your business. Don’t have a landline texting solution yet? Try a free trial of Text My Main Number today!

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