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Businesses Went Virtual Staff as Consumers Went Digital

The digital age has changed the state of mind of consumers, just as hiring a virtual staff has changed the mind of business owners. As you look around and notice all the brick and mortar stores starting to close down and more websites beginning to launch, you may actually get the feeling that we’re starting to transition into every futuristic movie we ever saw as a child. That’s because we are.

With Amazon taking over the retail market, many businesses have been forced to shut down their doors because there simply wasn’t enough revenue to cover overhead costs. With over 70% of consumers now being more accustomed to shopping online, the landscape has changed tremendously.

So what caused the enormous transition to digital? No, it’s not just advancement in technology. It’s:

  1. Convenience

  2. Speed

  3. Cost effectiveness

  4. Reduction in frustration (dealing with long lines, rude employees, and crowds)

In other words, digital is a mindset. People have shifted the way they view the modern world and with that came an altered level of tolerance. With everything being as easy as a few clicks of a button, no one is looking to put forth more effort than what’s absolutely necessary. Who can blame them?

The digital world has even caused a change in the way people advertise their brands because people are now scrolling through their favorite apps rather than buying newspapers and magazines where ad space used to bring in the big bucks for publications. Now business owners are paying more to publish promo ads on social media than they are for print ads.

With a new digitally inclined world comes change and encompassed in those changes are not only how retail companies have been affected, but also how a variety of industries and small business owners have changed their practice.

Business Owners are Using a Virtual Staff in 2020

Service professionals have gone virtual and smaller retail companies save on overhead by hiring a virtual staff to answer their phone lines and sell through their online store rather than a brick and mortar store. Now we’re not talking about a third-world country call center where your customers will barely be able to make out what the representative is saying, we’re talking a US Based customer service business like Dedicated Office that fully trains their staff based on the employee’s fortes. Each staff member is placed in either a sales group, support group, scheduling group, management group, or a Jack/Jill of all trades group.

Having a virtual staff that will be fully trained on your products and services in order to speak to your existing and potentials customers just as in-house staff would is what has come of the digital age. This is helping tons of small business owners with overhead costs because they’re finding little to no use for office space, staffing costs, expensive phone and data systems, etc.

With digital environments being woven into every aspect of our day to day it was only natural that in time it would translate into the sales and customer service arenas. Now that business owners are working smarter, managing and funding daily operations was an aspect they were forced to consider to better position their brands.

Stay connected to our blog to learn more about the tips and tricks that small businesses are using to improve operations and revenue.

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