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Business Texting Services: 4 Techniques Helping Accountants During Tax Season

It’s tax season! That may be exciting for some and not so much for others, because of the stress that comes with this time of year. When accountants need to effectively communicate with clients, they turn to SMS business texting services. Busy business owners appreciate the deadline reminders and text communication rather than the missed phone calls that end up being costly mishaps.

Accountants are always looking out for their client’s best interest by doing their best to reduce tax liability and ensure financial success. Chasing clients to make sure their documents are legal and turned in on time can be a challenge. However, part of the job is to stay on top of them and guide them to their financial success even when they do their best to avoid the needed steps.

Finances are not everyone’s favorite subject, and the fact that an accountant will have to scrutinize people’s dirty laundry gets tricky. Despite how sore the subject may be, interaction is critical to the relationship and using business texting services develops an easier communication channel between accountants and their clientele.

To increase communication and reduce stress we’re going to teach you some of the best methods to use business texting services.

Business Texting Services: 4 Techniques Helping Accountants During Tax Season

There are no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to the need to communicate during tax season. Even after mid-April comes and goes, you will need to stay in touch the remainder of the year. Keeping documents, receipts, reports, and forms organized throughout the year is the most convenient way to stay organized with taxes. During the actual season, frequent communication will not only build rapport but by implementing business texting services you will ensure deadlines are met on time.

Accountants started using text messaging when emails were being ignored and the fact that SMS has a higher open rate made the switch a no brainer. In fact, reports show that most people read their emails from their mobile devices more than from a PC or laptop these days.

With business texting services becoming such a powerful tool for accountants, we encourage that you sign up for the Text My Main Number free trial to employ the following 4 techniques.

1. Securing Consent

The first rule to follow when using business texting services is to never send a text message to clients without their permission. You want to follow the TCPA and CAN-SPAM rules at all times when communicating with your clients via text or email. The alternative can lead to some pretty heavy fines or even worse legal consequences.

It is absolutely necessary that accountants read both guidelines in their entirety and possibly consult with an attorney if any of the rules are unclear.

How to get clients to opt-in

The easiest way for accountants to get their clients to opt-in to receiving text messages is to create a keyword like “TEXT4TAXES” and have them text the keyword to your business phone number. Once they sign up to become subscribers, you can add them to lists or include them in pre-established groups.

2. Divide & Conquer

One of the most convenient tools that business texting services offers accountants is the ability to send messages to specific groups. There’s always a group of clients that need reminders sent out, another group that needs to schedule an appointment to come in, and possibly another group to just send discount offers to. That would be the group who likes to wait until the last minute to file their taxes and may need a discount to encourage them to come in to file.

The best thing about having the ability to create list with the Text My Main Number business texting services is that you will save so much time sending messages in bulk. You won’t have to sit there making phone calls to a large list of people to remind them that it’s time to file their quarterly or annual taxes.

3. Enhance Client Relationships Through Communication

Communicating with clients is vital to the relationship they have with your accounting firm. The one component that will help enhance that relationship is speed. The faster you respond, the happier they’ll be. The best way to satisfy a client’s need from a prompt response is by using business texting services so that you can receive a notification on the user panel of the platform as soon as a message comes in.

Keep in mind that not everyone works around the same schedule that your accounting firm does. That means that some people only have free time in the early mornings before the firm opens up or late at night after hours. That’s usually the time they’re able to check emails or listen to voicemails that came in while they were working. With SMS communication they will instantly see your message and can quickly reply to your inquiry.

4. Text My Main Number Business Texting Services

Partnering with the right SMS provider for business texting services is so important to the success of your accounting business. Whether you’re using the platform to enhance communication or for marketing your accounting firm, the best way to stay connected and engage with your clients is through text messaging.

With Text My Main Number you will be able to use your business phone number to:

  • Schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments

  • Send alerts and reminders

  • Send promotional offers

  • Create groups to send bulk messages

  • Send pictures and videos with accounting advice

  • Schedule automated messages

  • Send links to forms

  • Provide directions to e-sign documents

  • Send payment links

  • Instantly chat with clients

  • Send tax tips throughout the year

  • And so much more!

Accountants will benefit from the ease of communication and the time that will be saved with business texting services. We offer free training to get you set up with the tools you will need to help clients meet important deadlines as you build a more loyal relationship with them.

While we’re in the heart of tax season, we understand you may want to get started with business texting services immediately. Feel free to contact us for a free consult on the fastest way to get started!

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