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Boost E-commerce Sales with Landline Texting

Decrease Cart Abandonment RateText My Main Number has noticed that one of the biggest problems that online stores have is the issue with people abandoning the items in their cart. Quite often, customers leave their purchases uncompleted, thus increasing the cart abandonment rate for the website. A research study performed by Shopify demonstrated that 67.45% of e-commerce shopping carts are left abandoned. Yet, most of the online shoppers admitted that they would have completed their purchase if they would have received a notification to follow-up. Here’s where a simple text message to follow up would be effective!

Send Automated RemindersSince your store is on an online platform, you can take advantage of storing information about each customer’s shopping behavior. When you build data regarding purchase history, you can develop a database and then closely analyze the information to get better insight. For instance, you may have customers who buy the same product over and over. By examining the average time span between those repeated sales, you can figure out the frequency of their purchases. By the way, this is not as complex as it sounds. This type of analysis is a simple task for any data analyst. Based on this evidence, you can use landline texting services to send your customers automated notifications. Best practice would be to send a text message with a direct link to the item they purchase regularly to remind them that they’re about to go out of stock. By doing this, you’re using a personalized approach to let your customer know how much you care about them.

Special Offers and CouponsThe most active sales booster is offering your customers some form of a discount. Who doesn’t love buying their favorite items when they’re on sale? No one, that’s who. E-commerce landline texting marketing campaigns frequently focus on offering customers special promotional codes for additional discounts, in order to boost traffic and revenue. Landline texting for e-commerce is an excellent channel for marketing those special offers. You should consider sending your subscribers bulk text messages notifying them about an exclusive sale that’s currently running on your website or to remind them about a holiday sale that’s about to end. Here are some coupon categories that boost your e-commerce sales: Free shipping – send subscribers a promo code offering them free shipping. Time-sensitive promos – Create a sense of urgency by offering a limited time promo code. Birthday promos – Use a personalized approach by sending a birthday promo code that your customer will perceive as a “you matter to us” message.

New Product NotificationsBefore you launch a new product, send bulk text messages to your subscribers, letting them know something new is about to launch. This will increase their interest and build excitement. New products are known to be great engagement promoters. Once you’ve launched your product, send a text message to your customers, offering them a 20% off discount for their first purchase of the new product. A lot of business owners think that new products generate many new challenges because no one knows how well it’s going to perform. Though, with the help of landline texting, you can use a lot of sales tactics to boost their interest and thus, increase the sales of your new product launches.

Instant UpdatesUsing landline texting for marketing is not only an excellent way to boost sales, but also a great way to improve your customer’s overall shopping experience. You don’t want to have those one-time web page visitors. Having a loyal customer who loves shopping on your online store should be your main goal. Attaining loyal customers and a good retention rate is dependent on the customer’s overall experience when visiting your website. You won’t be able to attain long-term success without offering a superior customer experience. Landline texting for e-commerce can really help in the overall customer experience because it gives you the opportunity to hold your customer’s hand throughout the entire shopping process. You can send a text message with updates regarding their purchase, shipping information, billing details, or any other applicable information. Having all of the purchase information instantly will satisfy your customers. All business owners wish to increase sales, whether it’s for an offline or online store. Though you should keep in mind that driving sales is not only about discounts or promotions. It’s way more significant to generate a great customer experience for your website visitors. Boosting your e-commerce website sales with landline texting is very effective because SMS is the only marketing platform that can be used throughout the entire journey for the customer. If you’re looking for new tactics to increase your online store sales, contact the Text My Main Number team to start your free trial today. We will work together to build your e-commerce marketing campaign with landline texting today.


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