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Avoid Spamming Your Audience When Using Landline Texting

You never want to get so excited about having an SMS marketing platform to send offers to your customers that you forget there are rules to the game. Spamming someone with a plethora of messages is the last thing you want to do with using landline texting.

Yes, we get it. It’s fun to have a new resource to reach out to your audience. Not so fun? Annoying them to the point where they’re opting out of receiving further messages from you. It can also cause you legal problems.

Before you start partaking in spammy behavior, take a loot at the tips we outlined below to help you retain your list of subscribers.

How to Avoid Spamming Subscribers with SMS

Using the Text My Main Number landline texting platform for your SMS Marketing is not a large investment, but any investment you make in trying to pull in new revenue for your business should be taken seriously.

It’s extremely important that you know the proper protocol and permissions that go with text messaging.

Non-compliant marketing can become costly and the last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars in fees for improperly messaging your subscribers.

There are 3 organizations that regulate SMS messaging. They are:

  1. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA)

  2. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

  3. Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

When it comes to best SMS marketing practices, it’s CTIA and MMA that regulate it, and the FCC is a government agency. The laws created by the FCC are what regulate SMS marketing and protect the public from being spammed by businesses. The two laws that most protect consumers are the CAN-SPAM and the TELEPHONE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT.

While Text My Main Number is not a legal firm and we do not claim to know all the ins and outs of the compliance regulations, we do have some recommendations on protecting your brand from being non-compliant.

How to Protect Your Brand from Complaints in SMS Marketing

For starters, you want to use a reputable landline texting platform like Text My Main Number who stays up to date with regulations to ensure their clients are always in compliance. As a text messaging provider, they do all the work to understand the laws so that your business can avoid complaints from consumers about being spammed.

Landline texting is a service you would only offer to people who opt-in to receiving text messages from your business. For those who want to opt out, it’s important that your text messaging provider knows how to create an easy method for people to unsubscribe.

How to Entice Your Audience to Opt-In Using Landline Texting

When you offer an incentive to your audience for subscribing, you will notice how quickly your opt-in rate will rise. The most common way to track the offers that are working to increase your list of subscribers is by using a keyword for your SMS marketing campaigns. You can then create promo ads using the keyword and publish the ads on your social media platforms.

Best & Easiest Opt-Out Methods When Using Landline Texting

It’s important that you provide a clear and easy way for subscribers to opt-out, otherwise you will be violating regulations and it can lead to legal complications.

Subscribers should be able to easily opt-out from receiving text messages by replying with the word “STOP.”

SMS marketing has become one of the most popular forms of promoting products and services for many industries. The last thing you want to do is lose the ability to advertise your brand’s offerings because you didn’t follow the laws that are accompanied by landline texting. The good news is, you don’t have to spend time learning what those regulations are, because Text My Main Number does it for you.Sign up today for our free trial and start using one of the most trusted landline texting providers in the U.S.!

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