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5 Ways Text Messaging Increases Customer Loyalty

  1. Are You Listening to Your Customers?Developing customer loyalty means that you need to maintain a relationship between you and the consumer. Loyalty is not a goal or target that you just gain and then stop. It’s an ongoing process that you must consistently keep active. When you’ve earned loyalty from your customer, you must put in additional energy into making sure they stay loyal. So most importantly, you’ll need to constantly listen to them in efforts to understand all of their demands and needs. That being said, you must reach out to them and allow them to reach out to you whenever they need to. A business texting service offers an excellent way of keeping the connection between the two of you ongoing. By using a business texting service with your customers, you’ll be able to collect their feedback, reassure them to always share their concerns, in addition to sharing the good things about your business. It’s important that you know both your weaknesses and strengths since they both play a critical role in the progression of the development for your business.

  2. Are You Meeting Your Customer’s NeedsWhen you push your loyal customers to share their concerns and needs with you, the next step is, making it all happen for them. See, a loyal customer will appreciate that you listened to them and that you want to improve your products or services by complying with their requests. But loyalty isn’t going to last if you don’t act on their needs. You must make sure that you always get back to them and update them on all the progression and improvements you’ve implemented in consideration of their feedback. That’s the part customers appreciate the most in the process. In other words, satisfaction is the key to customer loyalty. Send them a text message offering them a promotional discount on a product or service that may have disappointed them. You could always include a special promo code offering them free shipping or an exclusive discount for their first purchase.

  3. Keep Contact with Customers on a Regular BasisMaintaining open communication with your customers is not limited to just collecting feedback. The core reason behind interacting with them is to develop a feeling of comfort and trust. Your goal is to make sure your customers perceive your business as more than a good product or service, you want them to feel that you are a friend who cares about their needs and wants to make them happy. Most successful companies have gone through a long journey of designing a brand image that would be looked at by their customers as a friendly, trustworthy, and caring brand. Business texting services are a great tool in the hands of a brand who wants to keep in touch with their audience and give off the caring perception they’re aiming for. Here’s how you can maintain interaction with customers via the Text My Main Number business texting service to deliver a personalized approach: Birthday promo code – wish your customers a happy birthday by sending them a special promo code solely available to them for their birthday. Say thank you with a promo code – send your subscribers a coupon code every now and again to express your gratitude for their loyalty to you. Special events promo code – send a text message to announce the launch of a new product and include a special discount promo code.

  4. Don’t Be GenericText My Main Number knows that it can be challenging to be creative with business texting services because it’s tricky to personalize each text message. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to be super generic and send robotic messages. You can still accomplish some level of customization with business texting services. When you build your list of subscribers, try to filter them into separate categories so you can create several lists based on the target group they belong in. By doing that, your loyal customers will belong to an exclusive list, and that way, you’ll be able to customize those specific messages.

  5. Be Honest and Sustain Your Brand ImageCustomers can easily spot an ingenuine and untrustworthy business. Your brand image and brand perception should be consistent if you want loyal customers. The way you engage with them, collect feedback and answer their requests will help support your brand’s trustworthiness. Be genuine with customers in order to build a long lasting and successful relationship with them, so don’t make promises you can’t keep or offer solutions that are not realistic. Business texting services will be effective if you work with a trustworthy text messaging company like Text My Main Number. Business texting is very easy, effective, and fast compared to other customer service mediums. Plus, it’s quite affordable! At Text My Main Number, we offer a free trial so that you can start using the best customer loyalty tool right now. Sign up today!

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