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5 Text to Landline Benefits for Restaurants

Top Text to Landline Benefits for Restaurants

Special OffersA recent survey uncovered that 96% of customers stated that they would much rather search for mobile coupons to find the best deals possible over any other form of hunting for discounts. So, why not give the people what they want? Not only is sending special offers via text messages cheaper to produce, but the redemption rate is 10 times greater than coupons you would have to cut out of a newspaper or magazine.

Quick Reservations You know what’s better than using landline texting for business to text your customers? Allowing them to message you back quickly! Let your customers send you a fast and convenient text message to book a reservation. So long as your restaurant has space available, a confirmation text can be sent back swiftly. If you don’t have availability, you can reply with options that will allow them to enjoy your restaurant on a different night. You can even add suggestions like, “while we don’t have an open table this evening, we have plenty of space for our Sunday brunch menu!”

Your Table is Ready One of the biggest problems with dining out is having to wait on a table. With landline texting for business, you can safeguard your customers from having to use those big, bulky (and ugly) pagers that forces them to stay in the area while they wait on their table to be ready. This can easily turn a fun night out into an annoyance. Not to mention, that if your customer unintentionally breaks one of those bulky pagers, it’s quite expensive to replace. Since your customers stopped using bulky mobile devices over a decade ago, what makes you think they have any interest in using one for even an hour of their day? A quick text message can notify your customer that their table is ready. Now you can let them walk around the nearby shops while they wait on their table to be ready, especially if they have a long wait ahead of them. Plus, texting will allow you to build your mobile marketing list by sending your customer a “thank you” text message. Of course, they could always opt out by texting “txt stop2stop” (for example), and if they prefer not to be texted at all, they can always use the bulky pagers instead.

Convenient Payment Solution Customers despise having to wait around forever to get their bill, and on a busy night, this can be quite the hassle. Let your customers pay their bill by using landline texting for business to send a text message and help speed things up. Your customers will have the ability to send a quick text message to a dedicated phone number to submit payment and tip their waiter/waitress. They may even go a step further and buy a round of drinks after their meal or even a dessert without having to flag down their waiter/waitress. The payment information stored in the system is secured so your customer doesn’t have to worry about texting sensitive information.

Customer Feedback With landline texting for business you can find out if your customer enjoyed their meal and ask whether or not the service was the best it could be. Thank your customers for choosing your restaurant and offer them to fill out a survey via text message. The Text My Main Number text surveys can even send out alerts when an unfavorable response is registered. This instant feedback lets you quickly identify problem areas and allow you to rectify them faster. You can also use this as a good opportunity to offer a special discount in exchange for completing your survey. Quick and convenient communication produces increased customer loyalty, which is a valuable commodity for any business. By using Text My Main Number landline texting for business, your company will develop an innovative method to increase your customer base. The Text My Main Number landline texting for business service has become a preferred method of communication for restaurants because it is feature rich and cost effective. Whether you own a big or small restaurant, you can sign up for a free 2-week trial of landline texting for business service and start leveraging the many benefits it has to offer. The results are favorable, and you will wish you began using this resourceful form of communication a long time ago!

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