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5 Text Messaging Methods That Will Improve Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

There are millions upon millions of cars are on the road and at one point or another, they will need repair. Whether it’s standard maintenance or an unexpected fix, there will come a time where drivers will have to bring in their car for service. How do you make sure it’s YOUR auto repair shop they come to? There are numerous ways to pump up your auto repair shop’s marketing plan, but Text My Main Number would like you to focus on the # 1 communication platform to reach your audience. Text messaging.

There are numerous ways to pump up your auto repair shop’s marketing plan, but Text My Main Number would like you to focus on the # 1 communication platform to reach your audience. Text messaging.

Enabling your business phone number to send and receive text messages will allow your auto repair shop to:

Personalize Your Relationship with Customers

Most car owners treat their vehicles like one of their children. In fact, a lot of people even name their cars because that’s their way of creating a connection to it. When someone cares about something on that level, they will always have questions and concerns on the best way to care for it.

Can you imagine what a connection an auto repair shop owner will build with customers whose questions they can answer quickly about their cars? That’s an entirely new level of elevating customer service.

You can even increase your customer base by positioning yourself as an expert in the industry and have potential customers coming to you for answers. If you’re able to answer their questions, chances are you’re the repair shop they’ll trust to bring their car to when it needs service.

Use your social media profiles to post tips and tricks to maintaining your car, before and after car repair photos, testimonials, and more to show your target audience everything you do and know. Perform a quick Google search on the best auto hashtags so that you can draw in people who are searching auto topics online and looking for answers. It’ll be your profile they come to, and you can add a “text us your questions” button to your social media page to make it easy for them to use text messaging to connect with you.

If you provide good social media service to your audience, they will trust your brand and recommend it to others.

Use Business Texting for Promotional Offers

Business texting has become quite a resourceful tool for both auto repair shop marketing and customer service. It’s the most engaging way to maintain a relationship and when you add a discount to the messages you send out; you have an increased chance of getting someone to reply or click on the links you send out.

Sometimes people get lazy with scheduling auto maintenance, tune-ups, and other repairs. But if you use business texting to send them friendly reminders to bring their car in for service with a coupon attached…they will come.

Build Loyalty through Business Texting

People trust their friends and family’s advice when it comes to who they trust to service their cars. Word of mouth referrals are the crux of the auto repair shop industry. If you continuously provide good service to customers, they will spread the news and that builds loyalty.

Offer your customer deals and promotional perks for referring your auto repair shop to their friends and family. This is what you would call a customer loyalty program and it can become extremely effective to your business profits.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Don’t miss out on revenue because a customer forgot about their appointment. You may not have been able to reach them by phone when attempting to confirm, but via text message, you will have a much greater chance of getting your customer’s attention.

Text messaging is the most common form of communication so letting your customers know that it’s time to visit your auto repair shop for service or reminding them about an upcoming appointment will significantly decrease your percentage of missed sales.

Request Reviews via Landline Texting

Next to word of mouth, online reviews are the next most trusted form of trusting an auto repair shop’s service. If they weren’t told by a friend or family member, they want to read about it from someone who has had an experience with the business.

When people do a Google search for “auto repair shop near me,” the top review sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google will come up with the repair shop’s contact information and reviews. The higher you rank, the better.

Invite customers to write a review about your auto repair shop business using landline texting by sending them a link via text message that they can click on and quickly leave feedback about their experience. The more reviews you get, the better you’ll rank on search engines.

Seamless Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Text messaging has changed the way people communicate and businesses have had to adapt. Auto repair shops have been used to traditional marketing for decades and to transition to digital marketing has been a challenge for most repair shop owners. Not because the process is difficult, but simply because the concept seems overwhelming to those who fear technology.

Text My Main Number gets you. We are so sure that text-enabling your business phone number is the answer to improving your marketing and increasing your sales, that we will offer you a free 14-day trial to get you started! Our team is readywhen you are to answer any questions and get you set up. Our free training will also help you use our text messaging platform to its fullest extent to ensure your success.

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