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4 Ways Landline Texting for Business Will Improve Your Marketing Plan

It wasn’t too long ago that the mobilized communication platform known as Landline Texting for Business was deemed the best and latest form to reach leads. It completely changed the way daily operations would be managed and how we nurture our relationships with customers.

Landline texting for business became “a thing” in recent years but SMS for business was something that become common in the early 90s. It started as a tool that Europeans used for easy banking transactions, and now people often use it make payments, transfer money, pay bills, etc.

As all things do, this new form of communication and online tool evolved into something that many small business owners started to utilize for various purposes, and amongst its uses the most actionable function became adding landline texting for business to marketing plans. Companies were now discovering just how powerful SMS marketing was becoming.

When you’re looking to believe in something that is not going to be expensive yet will be very effective in increasing your revenue, it’s proof you want to see. There are several ways to prove that landline texting for business is going to be a fruitful source in your marketing plan. It may quite possibly be the most cost-effective and result-driven part of your plan. Let’s review some statistics that help introduce the power that lies in SMS marketing.

98% of Landline Texting Messages are Read

Practically all mobile devices have the capacity of receiving and replying to text messages. SMS is an out-of-the-box feature that doesn’t require internet connections or app installations. When someone sends a text message to a mobile device, there’s a 98 percent chance that it will be read. These prevalent aspects of landline texting make it a very appealing component of small business marketing.

Landline Texting for Business Has a Response Rate of 45%

In comparison to social media or email communication, text messaging has a much more impressive response rate. We’re talking nearly ½ of smartphone users respond to text messages faster than they do an email message or direct message on social media. Less than 10% of consumers open emails from businesses unless it’s in response to an inquiry they submitted or a notification about an order they placed. Spam fills up everyone’s inboxes and the actual percentage of emails that are considered spam is 80%. So of course, people ignore their emails!

More Than 50% of Consumers Prefer Landline Texting for Business

More than half of consumers enjoy the concept of interacting with customer support via text messages. Some of the most popular customer services inquiries that can be handled by landline texting for business include payment confirmations, availability of products, and shipping status or order processing. In the past, these communications were largely handled by email, but the existing overabundance of spam makes landline texting a better option.

75% of Customers Look Forward to Text Messages with Promotional Offers

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 75% of all customers would like to receive special offers, discounts and coupons delivered as a text message to their mobile devices. Incidentally, a suggested strategy is to create a call-to-action messages that includes a certain sense of urgency. Limited time offers that have to be used by a particular date are great for increasing store traffic. Another approach is to encourage recipients to forward coupons to their friends and loved ones.

In the end, even though landline texting for business is now a remnant media outlet, small business owners should not ignore it. With the right landline texting for business company owners can greatly improve their customer acquisition and retention processes.

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