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4 Reasons the Use of a Business Texting App is on the Rise with Recovery Centers

Caption for social media: When a recovery center takes on new clients, their priority is to develop a strong support system for recovering addicts. That’s why implementing the use of a business texting app has become increasingly popular for recovery centers since text messaging is the most used form of communication.

Addiction has been a big problem in the U.S. since what seems like the beginning of time. It’s a disease that touches everyone’s home irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, or level of education. Recovery centers have been the backbone for helping addicts undergo treatment that will help them on their road to sobriety, and using a business texting app for recovery centers has become a resourceful tool according to a widespread study led by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration.

Landline texting platforms such as Text My Main Number have proven to be tremendously effective in bringing about real behavioral changes for people who are undergoing recovery from addiction. SMS programs provide cost efficient networked support for rehabilitation centers in comparison to in-person support.

In the United States, addiction has become one of the most expensive health care problems, costing over $400 billion each year. Although implementing mobile health procedures have been improving results for patient across all healthcare related fields, what’s really remarkable is the value it is offering recovering addicts.

90% of adults in the United States own mobile phones and most of them prefer text messaging to communicate over making phone calls or writing emails. Text messaging is used by family and friends on a daily basis to communicate with one another, and at times they communicate on an hourly basis. So, it should come as no surprise that the use of text messaging has an open rate of 90% and has an impressive click-through rate in comparison to other forms of communication.

The most non-intrusive communication channel for anyone who is recovering from addiction is using a business texting app. It allows people to maintain constant contact with a supportive network of professionals in the healthcare field, volunteers, and other meaningful resources that are helping them through their recovery journey. The Text My Main Number team has outlined how using a business texting app is helping people who are recovering from addiction below.

4 Reasons the Use of a Business Texting App is Saving Recovering Addicts

Who knew that a business texting app would be so instrumental in the behavioral changes of recovering addicts? Being that landline texting is so versatile and flexible, recovery centers are using the Text My Main Number text messaging platform to help people that are recovering from addiction. Here’s 4 reasons why it’s working so well.

1) Motivational Messaging: Daily motivation is a requirement on the long road to recovery. An effective recovery center has to be made up of a strong structure that provides reinforcement regularly and is consistent with communication. Old school programs were made up of support groups, meetings with counselors, and a dedicated sponsor. Now that the use of a business texting app for recovery centers is on the rise, sending SMS and multimedia messages can assist with sending inspirational messages that will motivate patients in between their appointments and meetings. A personalized message sent at just the right time can make a big difference in the day of someone who is recovering from addiction.

2) Engaging Health Management: In a study that was conducted and publicized in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, landline texting has demonstrated to assist with setting short term goals and has helped with the increase in self-monitoring. SMS has proven to accomplish these goals because of its innate conversational nature. For instance, you can send a message saying, “It’s day 20/30! You’re almost there! How does it feel to be so close? Reply with AVERAGE, GOOD, OR BAD.” Then the person can reply directly to the text message with how they are feeling. Based on their response, customized messages can help inspire the person to keep up the good work as they reach their goal. Helping people by tracking their progress will help demonstrate that their next milestone is reachable.

3) Supportive & Resourceful: Staying in constant contact with recovering addicts via text messaging will benefit patients because of the personalized support it facilitates. Recovery centers can also use a business texting app as a locator service that will send information regarding support groups, rehab centers, and medical facilities nearby. This is an excellent landline texting feature that will come in handy if the patient is outside of their normal surroundings, especially when traveling. By simply entering the zip code they are currently in, people who feel they might give in to a craving because they’re not following their normal schedule can reach out for help. This will show subscribers that no matter where they are – on the road, on vacation, or at work – help is only a simple text away.

4) Staying Connected: A study published in National Institutes of Health specified that receiving support from a network contributed to the long-term recovery of recovering addicts because it helps buffer stress, provides a structured strategy, offers hope, and delivers access to role models. Recovery centers who use a business texting app that enables their crisis hotline to receive and send text messages will be providing access to a network that cares 24/7. An active SMS program will provide people with the ability to chat with a sponsor, counselor, or volunteer when they’re in need of immediate support. Especially if it’s a recovering addict who is not comfortable with visiting a rehab center in the moment or making a phone call to discuss what they’re going through. Sending a text message may be the most ideal way for a person to ask for help and prevent a life-threatening relapse.

While a business texting app alone may not be enough to help someone recover from addiction, the Text My Main Number landline texting platform can offer patients access to the resources and professionals who can. You can use each text messaging scenario we listed above individually but they work best when used together because of the versatile assistance it offers recovering addicts who need assistance managing their well-being. If your recovery center is looking to implement landline texting to offer patients the most convenient and personalized form of communication, contact us today to start your free trial.

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