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3 Ways to Use Business Texting Services to Increase SMS Conversion Rates

Business Texting Services or SMS marketing are marketing techniques that use SMS, MMS, e-mails, and direct messages to promote products and services. When looking to connect to a specific target audience, marketers connect to people through their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It has become one of the most popular marketing strategies these days, and many studies have shown that SMS marketing campaigns can deliver a high open rate.

For one, there is a 36 percent click-through (CTR) rate in SMS with links. It is significantly higher than the CTR rate in email marketing, which many companies employ. Another interesting statistic is that, according to Salesforce, SMS has a 98 percent open rate and a 45 percent conversion rate. That is nowhere near the open rate of email marketing campaigns. And in a study conducted with almost 3.5 million lead records, it was revealed that the conversion rates of texting prospects after the first contact increased by 112.6 percent. Pretty impressive!

So where does a business owner begin to use business texting services to help increase revenue?

I mean, yes, people are clicking but are the clicks translating to sales? Being that that is typically the end goal when it comes to digital marketing then it’s important you know how to structure your campaigns in a way that will convert clicks to sales.

If you do not know how to effectively use business texting services to help increase conversation rates, then you may find you are at a loss. So, for the remainder of this article, we are going to share:

3 Ways to Use Business Texting Services to Increase SMS Conversion Rates

From the data presented above, we can say that the conversion rate of SMS marketing is higher than the top-performing marketing techniques. That should come as no surprise since people tend to spend at least three hours on their phones every day.

So, you should consider SMS marketing and start sending out messages to your prospects. With the help of business texting services, you will be able to connect with your market and keep them updated with alerts and announcements. But to ensure that every SMS is worth it, here are three ways to convert recipients to customers.

Create a Personalized Message

If you want to make a successful connection to your prospects, sending them a personalized SMS can do the trick. In the marketing industry, personalization is an important aspect when it comes to increasing conversion rates. And using this tip in SMS marketing is a lot easier than doing it on websites and landing pages.

Depending on the type of brand you are marketing, you can start by addressing your prospects with their first names or titles with surnames for a professional and respectful tone. That way, the audience will feel that the message is meant for them, and you are interested to be of service to them. But of course, you need to gather the necessary information to make this work. The good news is that you can avail of business texting services with a data collection feature.

Aside from personalizing the message, make it engaging as well. You can ask them questions like “Are you hungry?”,” Do you live in the city?”, or “Are you a shoe lover?”. If they immediately relate to the first words of the SMS, there is a higher chance of opening the message and converting them into customers.

Write a Call to Action

Text messages are short, so you have to make every word count. With a limited number of characters, your SMS should deliver the right message to your audience, and at the same time, it should tell them what they should do after reading the text. With that said, the inclusion of a call to action (CTA) is a must. You do not have to think of flowery words for the CTA. It has to be simple and direct to the point.

Unless the settings are changed, most mobile devices show the first few words of the SMS. Just like the first, the first sentence should already address the important part of the message. Beating around the bush may result in unopened messages or deleted texts, which you do not want to happen. As they say, strike while the iron is hot. In this case, strike before the message gets deleted.

CTAs are effective when you have sales or if you want to promote a product or service. For example, you can begin the SMS with “Get 30% off on selected items”, “Weekend sale”, or “Free one-hour spa for the first 100 customers”. You just have to find a way to grab the attention of your recipients.

Experiment with Split Testing

If you are experimenting, you will not only do one setup. It is usually on a trial-and-error basis to find out which one works best, considering that there are many variables involved. That goes the same with SMS marketing. You do not settle with only one type of message for all your campaigns; not only will the message look spam, but you are losing the chance to see a better way of marketing your brand. This is where the split testing or A/B tests come into play, which, according to Litmus, increases ROI by 37 percent.

In split testing, you have two different messages (message A and message B). Each SMS can contain a unique offer, and you send text A to 50 percent of the recipients and text B to the other 50 percent. You can also try sending a message with and without a photo and see how the campaign works. There may be varying or similar results, but it always helps to do this little experiment to have better chances of an increase in conversion rates.

There you have it! These tips are quick and easy to implement. And if you do it well, you will be able to see the results you want to have. Need help converting your business phone number to have the ability to send and receive text messages? Give us a call or click to sign up for a free trial of one of the most reliable SMS platforms in the country!

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