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3 Ways Landline Texting Can Help Recovering Addicts

3 Ways Landline Texting Can Help Recovering Addicts Landline texting provides a flexible and adaptable means for behavioral change. Here are three examples of how text messaging services can provide aid to people who are recovering from addiction:

  1. Daily Reinforcement Messaging: The road to recovering from addiction is known to be a long one, and one that entails constant motivation. A successful recovery is comprised of reliability, structure, and steady support. Up to now, we’ve known addiction support to consist of traditional group meetings, counseling sessions, and frequent contact with a dedicated sponsor. With landline texting, organizations can enhance these support services by delivering motivational text and multimedia messages in between those counseling appointments and meetings. One simple, personalized text message sent at just the right time can make a huge difference in helping a recovering addict to stay positive.

  2. Interactive Health Management: As demonstrated in a research study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, text message communication has shown to have the ability to increase a recovering addicts want to monitor themselves and form short term goals. The reason that a simple text message has the capability to accomplish this is because of its innate conversational nature. For instance, a text message can say, “It’s day 20/30! How are you feeling this morning? Reply with GREAT, NORMAL, or BAD.” The person can reply directly to the text message with how they’re feeling in the moment. Depending on that response, customized responses can help stimulate people to encourage them to continue working towards their daily goals. Helping people who are struggling with addiction and track their progress will help them look forward to their next milestone, and word it in a way that makes it seem like their end goal is not too far away.

  3. Connection to a Caring Network: Research that was published by the National Institute of Healthindicates that the support of a network for recovering addicts contributes to long-term recovery by safeguarding stress and providing hope, a strategic approach, and mentorship. Landline texting is one way to give people access to a caring network that is available at your fingertips anytime you need to reach out to someone for help. Whether it’s a volunteer, a sponsor, or a trained counselor, a live SMS chat program can provide people in need with instant support when they need it most. If someone feels uncomfortable making a phone call or visiting a rehabilitation center when they feel they’re in need of immediate help, text messaging can be the most favorable way for that person to reach out for support and prevent a dangerous relapse.

Benefits of Landline Texting for Recovering Addicts Patients in recovery can benefit from the Text My Main Number landline texting services to stay in constant contact with others and sustain easy access to in-person resources. Another way landline texting can help recovering addicts is to perform as a locator service that can send information on nearby clinics, support groups, and rehab centers, based on their current zip code. This is particularly useful during holiday seasons or when an individual is traveling for work, where their usual schedule is disrupted, and they are more drawn to give in to their cravings. Programs like these show people that regardless of where they are – on the road, at home, or at work, – help is nearby. While the Text My Main Number text messaging service alone may not be enough in helping someone recover from a serious addiction, it can offer access to the resources and people that can and will help. While each of these landline texting use cases can be offered on their own, they do in fact work best together, offering individuals a variety of ways to seek assistance and take charge for their well-being. Find out why more and more recovery centers and crisis hotlines are using the Text My Main Number landline texting service to provide the public with a fast, modern, and convenient way to offer assistance to people in need. Sign up free today and start giving recovering addicts a new communication channel that can potentially save their life.

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