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3 Tips to Measure Success with Landline Texting

It’s not hard to review your SMS marketing stats being that technology is so direct when it comes to Landline Texting. There’s a report for everything.

The main concern is, are you actually reading those reports to measure the success of your campaigns? As more businesses continue to turn to SMS for their customer service and marketing needs, it’s crucial that you know what to look for to determine if you’re properly using the most effective platform to communicate with your audience.

As marketers continue to utilize landline texting for SMS campaigns, the team at Text My Main Numberwould like to share how to measure your ROI.

“According to HubSpot, marketers who are looking for an increase in the marketing budget, must know the ROI.”

That being said, we offer you…

3 Tips to Measure Success with Landline Texting

It’s vital that you examine the main ROI metrics in your landline texting campaigns to see what is and isn’t working and modify where necessary. Here’s what to look for:

Click-through Rate

We’ve heard about it, but what is click through rate? Well, it the metric that tells you the percentage of subscribers who took action and clicked on a link in a text message that directed them to a landing page where they would take you up on an offer or buy a product or service. It’s what measures how your subscribers are engaging with your brand and showed interest in your content.

Google Analytics is a great SMS Marketing tool that will help you track the unique clicks from your landline texting campaigns.

Growth Rate with Landline texting

It’s important to measure your growth rate because it’s what determines the success of your text to landline marketing campaigns. As you see your list of subscribers grow, you’ll know you’re increasing your ROI.

An increase in subscribers means you’re extending your landscape and the brand is starting to gain a new audience which helps you better position your business in the industry. Track your growth rate by keeping tabs on the number of subscribers before and after each of your text to landline marketing campaigns.

Opt-out Rate

Listen, you’re going to have people who WILL opt-out. Don’t fret over it because that’s typical. Even in your best SMS marketing campaigns, you will see the list of subscribers drop a bit. That doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the quality or value of your landline texting message. Some people just want to trim the fat on their phone.

Nonetheless, you SHOULD be concerned if you see a considerably high opt-out rate. It may mean that you’re sending text to landline message at the wrong time or to the wrong target audience. Or maybe you’re not offering enough value and that is the biggest red flag. By tracking your opt-out rates, you’ll have the ability to test various landline texting messages to see which produce the top results.


SMS marketing is on the list of the most effective tools for marketing products and services. Knowing how to track your marketing efforts helps you understand your ROI in order to optimize and scale your campaigns. For more information on how to text enable your business phone number, contact us today to start your free trial.

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