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3 Tips to Increase the Success of Your Landline Texting Mobile Coupon Campaigns

In previous articles we’ve reviewed how you can send text messages to gain subscribers using your text enabled landline phone number. In this article, we’re going to go over the best practices to send mobile coupons to those subscribers using the Text My Main Number landline texting platform.

90% of mobile users that are subscribed to receive text messages from a business have expressed that the reason they’ve agreed to receive texts, is because they’d like to be notified about discounts and other promotional offers. With that in mind, it’s important that companies who use landline texting services know how to use the platform as a tool that will increase engagement while boosting sales numbers.

How you approach sending mobile coupons entails the creation of a strategic plan that will guarantee success. You must make sure that:

  1. You keep messages personalized

  2. You’re catering to your customer’s needs and interests

  3. You value your offer appropriately

  4. You know the best days and times to send your landline message

Don’t get scared! We know it can sound like the science behind sending mobile coupons is complicated, but the truth is it’s not. We just want to review the simple things you need to keep in mind in order to increase the chances of getting the results you seek. So, don’t press that send button until you read the remainder of this article!

3 Tips to Increase the Success of Your Landline Texting Mobile Coupon Campaigns

Like anything you do that is pre-planned, you’ll want to deliver your mobile coupons using your text enabled landline phone number with a strategy that decreases unpredictability. Here’s what you want to think about:

Building a Loyalty Program with Your Audience

Use your landline message wisely and consider exactly who you are sending your texts to. Did they text you with a specific keyword to redeem their coupon code? Did you send a bulk message out for them to redeem a coupon code? Are these your abandoned cart shoppers? Whoever they are, it’s crucial that your audience knows how they can easily redeem their coupon so they can keep coming back to your website for more interaction and shopping.

Building a loyalty program for your brick-and-mortar store or online store is best achieved using a landline texting platform where you can send your audience personalized messages that include an incentive. By offering this incentive, you’re making the decision to opt-in to your list of subscribers more attractive. This is your open door to build a bond with consumers who will now trust your brand and you can bet they will not only redeem the mobile coupon you send, but they may even share it with friends and family.

Distributions Strategy

Alright you’ve got them hooked! Now you need to know the best days and times to send text messages to your audience using the Text My Main Number landline texting platform.

Use your new bond with your subscribers strategically and make sure that you distribute your offers to them with a calculated plan. For example, you don’t want to send someone who works the overnight shift a text message at 10:00 am when they’re probably sleeping and the alert on their mobile device annoys them. So, what do you do to avoid that? Create lists!

With the Text My Main Number text to landline admin panel, you can create groups. Then you can send your offers in SMS bulk messages based on their preference, lifestyle, or shopping behaviors. By considering your audience, you’re inadvertently building a relationship that may lead to a customer who makes regular purchases because they like the way your brand treats them. Here are some of the things to calculate when scheduling your landline texting marketing campaigns:

  1. How has the engagement been between you and this group of subscribers? Do they barely buy from you? This may be the group you want to offer a little more of a discount to in order to rebuild with them.

  2. Is it holiday season? Who were last year’s big holiday shoppers? This may be a group you want to create to push sales for the holidays. Send them early bird specials to bring them back before the rest of the crowd.

  3. Who are your usual abandoned cart shoppers? This may be the group that needs more than one text message to help them with their lack of follow-through. You may want to schedule a few texts over a week’s time at different hours of the day.

Measure Your Metrics with Landline texting

In this much-needed final step that you NEVER want to overlook, you’ll have the ability to read, analyze, and understand how effective your SMS marketing campaign went. Here’s what you’re looking for:

List Growth – Did you list of subscribers grow during your landline texting campaign? You can calculate these results by the week, month, and finally by year. If you see steady growth, chances are your acquiring more customer and more importantly, retaining them.

Coupon Redemption – Most website hosts have analytical reporting tools that will allow you to track how many customers redeemed a specific coupon code. Just by reading the number of people that took advantage of your offer will give you a good idea about how successful your campaign was.

ROI – Checking your return on investment is a needed metric because people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on marketing techniques that don’t have any profit return. Text to landline services are one of the most inexpensive tools a business can utilize for many daily tasks, including marketing. For the same amount of money, you’re spending to deploy this communication channel, you can also advertise promotions. Not many communication tools out there can offer you the same. To stay up to date with the latest and greatest landline texting marketing campaign tactics, be sure to read articles on our blog.

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