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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Between SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Your Busines

When you think about launching a SMS marketing campaign, what platform comes to mind?

Do you automatically think social media platforms when you’re creating a plan to increase your brand exposure?

What you should be thinking is which platform will deliver the highest return on investment.

When you’re marketing budget is limited, executing marketing campaigns can become a challenge. Especially when you know that high-end graphics, images, and videos is the way to go when trying to pull in the attention of your target audience online. Creating content can become expensive.

Texting for free fits any budget.

SMS Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Not only because we are the provider of a text messaging platform do we say this but…it really is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing.

Not only is SMS marketing inexpensive but sending free texts happens to be a communication channel that works well with all industries, including:

  1. Service professionals

  2. Restaurants

  3. Clubs/Lounges/Bars

  4. Non-profit organizations

  5. Recovery Centers

  6. Hair & Nail salons

  7. Insurance companies

  8. Law Firms

  9. Educational institutes

  10. Medical professionals

  11. Event Planning professionals

  12. Retail

With social media marketing you’re going to incur costs that don’t exist as expense line items with SMS marketing. For example:

With social media marketing you will pay for:

  1. Paid advertisement

  2. Trial and error process to see which social media channel suits your business best (spending money to promote ads)

  3. Creating quality graphics and video ads

  4. Hiring an independent contractor or marketing firm that can manage your social media accounts

With SMS marketing you will pay for:

  1. Creating quality graphics and video ads

  2. Low monthly payment for the text messaging platform service

  3. That’s it!

Choosing the Right Text Messaging Platform for Your Business

Like anything else that is new to anyone, you’re going to want to test the waters to see which platform you want to use to send text messages to your customers and prospects. Unlike with social media marketing, SMS marketing is not time consuming nor will you need to hire someone to manage the platform for you. When looking for the right text messaging platform for your business, your only concern should not be the money you will invest. You’ll also want to consider the amount of time you’ll need to invest to execute your marketing campaigns. You’ll want to ask if:

  1. The texting platform offer a free trial to test ease of use

  2. They offer free training and customer service like Text My Main Number does

  3. The texting service includes effective features for your marketing campaigns

Deciding Between Social Media Marketing and SMS Marketing

Cost is not the only reason why more and more businesses are switching to text messaging services to plan and execute their marketing campaigns. Besides delivering added value, you’re also using the most common form of communication to reach your audience. According to the 2019 Mobile Usage Report:

  1. More than 90% of the people surveyed stated that they check their phones within half hour of waking up.

  2. More than half of mobile device users check their phone 5 times per hour.

  3. There are over 5 billion mobile phone users, and only half of them use social media.

If text message marketing seems like the right fit for your business, then it’s time to get started with the Text My Main Number text messaging platform. We are offering a free trial to anyone who would like to give text message marketing a run. It’s not only an easy set up process, but you’ll be able to get started in minutes!

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